Teach the little one move from bottle to glass without fussy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Teach the little one move from bottle to glass without fussy

Since a little one’s age is over 1 year, it’s common for little one to switch from bottle to glass. Even according to American Academy of Pediatrics, most babies are ready to drink through glass since the age of 6-9 months. Training the little one to switch to glass makes him/her be spared from bad effects because drinking from a bottle for too long. The effects are: triggers tooth decay, increase the risk of obesity, and affect little one’s face muscle.

Nevertheless, train little one to switch to glass is not an easy thing to do. Generally, little one only want to drink from his/her favorite bottle. But, with the proper stimulation and continuous training, little one must be wanting to leave his/her bottle. Here are some tips for helping Mom to teach little one drinking using glass from Morinaga Platinum. Check it out below:

  1. Switch gradually
    Surely little one will be confused if Mom directly introduces adult glass to him/her. Then it will be better if Mom starts with a sippy cup first. Plastic cups that have a top like a beak will be a good start for training little one to switch from bottle to glass. It still formed similar to a bottle, but without a teat. It will train little one to get used to drinking with a hard container. Beside that, a sippy cup is safe to hold for the little one while doing activity. So, Mom doesn’t need to be afraid of little one messing around the house because his/her drink spills out.

  2. Avoid lying about the bottle is gone
    Has Mom ever thought about lying to the little one that his/her bottle gone and force him/her switching it to glass? Avoid that method, Mom. Lying to little one even if it's a tiny lie will have a bad effect for him/her. Little one’s trust for Mom could be gone or even he/she becomes fussy because he/she thought his/her bottle is gone.

  3. Give a glass that similar to little one favorite bottle
    “My bottle is pink!” Sometimes what makes little one doesn’t want to switch to glass isn’t the teat from the bottle, but the colors, pictures, or characters at the bottle that little one loves. What Mom can do is give a glass with little one favorite colors or pictures. It’s the easiest and most effective way to train a little one to switch without becoming fussy.

  4. Give an example of the correct way to drink
    Whatever Mom does, little one will be interested to try it. Likewise with eating and drinking habits. Seeing Mom drinking from a glass will become a trigger for little one to try it too. When he/she starts to feel confident, usually little one will directly ask for it. Teach little one how to hold a glass properly, then slowly tilt it until he/she can do it him/herself. Don’t forget to always pay attention while giving little one appreciation for achievement he/she can do.

Educating little one surely needs full patience. Mom has to be ready little one’s dirty laundry will pile up because it’s wet when he/she learns to drink from a glass. Or spare an extra energy to mop the floors because the water is splattered from his/her drinking glass. Of course all of that is worth it with the happiness that Mom felt when saw little one’s ability increased.