Support Your Little One’s Growth and Development with Creative Stimulation Early On

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 January 2017

Support Your Little One’s Growth and Development with Creative Stimulation Early On

As the process of growth and development of the Little One in the golden period (0-5 years), Mommy will be amazed at how rapidly the progress that your Little One experiences. Obviously, since the golden period is the time of the Little One to experience growth and development of intelligence up to 80% of his/her maximum potential. Not only that, Mommy can also find out the various potentials owned by the Little One, for example quick in learning things and in receiving information, explorative and have a high curiosity, and expressive in expressing something.

With such great potential, the Little One must be fully supported so that he/she can reach his/her maximum potential. This is the duty of Daddy and Mommy to meet the needs for complete and balanced nutrition as well as appropriate stimulations according to his/her age and his/her development stage. With the right parenting pattern, the potential of the Little Person can grow maximally so that he grows into a smart person.

The expectation of each Daddy and Mommy is that the Little One can grow to be smart and the intelligence he/she has will make him successful in the future. If one's intelligence is measured only on the logical intelligence scores (IQ), Howard Gardner, professor of psychology at Harvard University, offers an evolution on the notions of intelligence.

According to him, there are many ways to work. Humans not only have a single intelligence but multiple intelligences. There are 9 multiple intelligences possessed by each individual namely linguistic, mathematical, musical, kinesthetic, visual spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, and moral intelligence. The ninth of this intelligence if properly honed from an early age will be able to reach their maximum potential.

The potential of each child is different. Therefore, they need different stimulation as well. To know the proper stimulation, of course, Mommy must know in advance the potential of multiple intelligences owned by the Little One. It's easy, Mommy can use the facility of identification of multiple intelligences on the site Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan.

Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan is a tool from Morinaga Platinum, designed to make it easier for Daddy and Mommy to identify the intelligence of the Little One and to plan play activities that serve as a stimulus for the development of his/her intelligence. So, after knowing what multiple intelligences are dominant in your Little One, Mommy can look for creative play ideas that can be used as a stimulation of his/her intelligence.

Well, how, Mommy? It’s not difficult, right?  Support the process of growth and development of the Little One so it can go optimally? Provide your Little One’s nutritional needs by giving additional nutrients that contain Omega-3, Omega-6, alpha lactalbumin, choline, and iron to support brain function and provide appropriate stimulation according to his/her age and development stage. Good luck!