Stimulate Child brain development through music

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Stimulate Child brain development through music

Who doesn’t like music? Even little one will dance when they hear music or sing along if it’s their favorite music. Mom is also happy when they are happy, right? Music is surely fun and also healthy. Dr. Patricia Vardin from Early Childhood Education Department in Manhattan College said that music can stimulate children to develop their skills, language skill, literature ability, reasoning development and fine motor skills coordination. Wow, the benefits of music are plenty. What are other music benefits? Here Morinaga Platinum already summarized it for Mom.

  1. Music is really good for little one language improvement

    The Neuroscience Institute said that music is already proven to bring benefits for skills improvement that is connected to language, starting from vocabulary to words structure. Especially if music is introduced to little one at an early age. Children will be given stimulation through various musical scales and new vocabulary so they will have more words bank to express their feelings.

  1. Music is great for little one’s memory

    Another research from The Chinese University of Hong Kong revealed that children who played music a lot by their parents show better verbal memories than their friend at their age. Besides, music can make little one concentrate to remember something that improves their speech.

  1. Music can make little one good at counting

    Listening to music means following the tempo, the wave and combination of some musical instrument. The rhythmical tempo is the one that can train little one ability to count. Research from  The Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada said that children who are given a music education at an early age will have potential to become an achiever in mathematics when they grow up. Music trains logic, and logic is a basic knowledge of mathematics. Mom wants little one to be good at counting? Introduce music at their early age, okay Mom!

  1. Music is able to improve little one’s social skills

    Research from Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina said that children who are introduced to music since a baby show a good attitude and high empathy when they grow up. Music also gives stimulation to high confidence and achiever at school. Introduce the various music genres to little one, Mom.

  2. Music helps channel little one’s expression

    Mom, sometimes children don’t know yet about the feelings that occur in them or we called it emotions. Emotions are instinctively and naturally owned by humans. The difference in an adult is we already know about that feeling and know how to handle it. While children don’t know yet the kinds of feeling. Music helps introduce it to little one. Try to pay attention to how little one expresses when they are singing, are they happy, sad, or disappointed.

Well, now Mom knows the benefits of music for children stimulation is amazing. With this method, music is not just a tool that contributes to children's growth and development but also helps Dad and Mom to spend quality time and have fun. Introduce various music genres at the early stage.