Proved to make contraction faster naturally, here are foods that Mom can consume

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 January 2020

Proved to make contraction faster naturally, here are foods that Mom can consume

Estimated Due Date (EDD) could be predicted by doctor, unfortunately sometimes is not happen according to estimation. Mostly pregnant mother at the age of 9 months is missed her EDD. However, Mom could change dietary habits and choose the right foods. Beside could make the labor faster, it also needed so Mom has enough energy to deliver the baby and protect yourself from infection.

So, what are the foods that could make contraction faster? Here are summaries that Morinaga Platinum did.

  1. Spicy Food.

    Surely there isn’t a complete research that stating that spicy food will make contractions and labor faster. However, spicy food could make stomach ache, Mom will feel heartburn and straining. This straining process could make 9 months old fetus position towards birth canal.

    So, it’s best for mom to have a lot of spicy food in the age of 9 months pregnancy so the little one born according to estimated due date.

  1. Dates

    With consuming dates approaching estimated due date (EDD), Mom will increase the chance of giving birth right on time. Mom recommended to eat dates 1 pieces a day for 4 weeks before estimated due date (EDD) for a vaginal delivery and smaller chance to get induction.

  1. Raspberry leaf tea

    According to Birth Issues in Prenatal Care research in 2011, raspberry leaf tea has been proved could increase blood flow to the womb and finally triggers contraction. The truth is some of the pregnant mothers believe it and some don’t. But because this tea doesn’t have negative side effects for Mom and the baby, so it will be safe to consume it.

  1. Sweet Root Liquorice

    One of the ways to Mom could have a labor time faster is consuming liquorice ot sweet root. A research from American Journal Epidemiology in 2002 found that liquorice contains glycyrrhizin. This will reacted with the other enzyme to support and accelerate the labor.

    But, Mom should pay attention to the dosage. Because if consuming liquorice too much could lead to side effects that endanger the fetus. Consult with Mom’s gynecologist if you want to consume this sweet root.

  1. Castor Oil

    Castor Oil is believed could speed up labor and as a natural induction. Although in the some doctor cases not suggest using castor oil because it could cause diarrhea that makes uncomfortable during labor. However, if Mom consume it in the reasonable dose and doesn’t give side effects, Mom still could use it.

    Those are foods that Mom could consume for 9 months fetus so the fetus will go towards birth canal. Don’t forget to consume the other nutritious meal and doing activities so the little one could growth healthy and the little one could come to this beautiful world soon.