Preparations to Be Done at 8 Months of Pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 December 2019

Preparations to Be Done at 8 Months of Pregnancy

When entering 8 months of pregnancy, Mom should have to decide the place of giving birth, what method, and get ready if you have to do a c-section. Not just that, Mom also has to practice breathing and breast feeding when at the 8 months of pregnancy. If Mom want to give birth normally, this is the right time to prepare for it.

One of the things that Mom could do is attend pregnancy exercises that find a lot in mother and child hospitals. In the pregnancy exercise, the breathing practice is the main concern. Why? Because one of the success factors for normal birth is the correct breathing technique. Though, when in the delivery process Mom will be guided in breathing technique, it’s not wrong for Mom to attend the pregnancy exercise so Mom’s body is more trained, fit, and ready to face the labor. Well if Mom is interested to attend pregnancy exercise, Mom can start it from the 7 months of pregnancy.

Things That Should Be Checked When 8 Months Pregnancy

Reaching this age of pregnancy, some of risks start from the light one to the one that can endanger life could be happened, which are:

  • At the 8 months of pregnancy, there are lots of tingling sensation in the pelvis area. Mom will feel the pain also in that area when walking. This is usually caused by the loose of the hip joint that is ready for labor. If it really disturbs Mom’s activity, you can immediately check with your obstetrician.
  • Around 10% pregnant Mom can experience rupture of membranes before the time. This event is marked by the water that flows from the lap. It’s possible that Mom is confusing urine with amniotic fluid. But, if that situation happens, it’ll be best that immediately check it to the obstetrician, Mom. because, when the water breaks and doesn’t get the right treatment, it will cause infection risk to the fetus in Mom’s uterus.
  • If the delivery happens before the pregnancy is in 37 weeks, generally it’s categorized as a premature birth and it’s possible that the baby will need special treatment. Don’t worry Mom, because around 99% babies that are born at 34 to 36 weeks can live normally and don’t have any serious health problems. Even though the fetus’ central nerve system at the age 8 months still doesn't mature enough, the babies’ hearts are already functioning well.

What should be considered?

This period can be called as a last period for Mom to prepare yourself towards the labor. Here are some things that Mom can use as a guidance when entering 8 months of pregnancy:

  • Mom can start to choose the hospital you are going to give a birth that makes Mom and the baby do early initiation of breastfeeding possible, and also can place the baby in one room with Mom at once. Early initiation of breastfeeding is needed so the baby could get the benefits of colostrum or first breast milk. While, being in one room with the baby can make Mom easier to give breastmilk whenever the baby is needed.
  • In this period, it’s best for Mom to attend a practice related to the breastfeeding method that Mom can attend in Mother and Children Hospital, or an institution that handles that matter.

36 Weeks Pregnancy

  • When at 8 months pregnancy, Mom can prepare the equipment that is related to breastfeeding, like an electric breast pump or even the manual one. Both of them are needed if the baby experiences some kind of condition that makes the baby can’t stay in one room with you, such as if the baby has jaundice, so the baby has to stay inside the incubator.
  • If Mom has already had a baby before, Mom needs to plan who is going to take care of your baby while you are in the hospital or when Mom is in early postpartum period.

Happy waiting for the birth, Mom, keep healthy and happy!