Practical Ways to Train Your Little One to Talk

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 July 2023

Practical Ways to Train Your Little One to Talk

Communication is one aspect of intelligence that must be owned by the Little One. Through communications, he/she can expand his/her vocabulary and develop his/hercomprehension skill and memory. In Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, good communication is included into linguistic intelligence.

The theory of multiple intelligences is used as the basis for making a growth site Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. According to the Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan, linguistic intelligence is an intelligence that emphasizes the ability to use words and language in speaking, reading and writing.

Although the development of the Little One can not be equated with other children at his/her age, but Mommy still must know the parameters of the Little One’s skills and ability development. Here are the stages of  speaking of the Little One from age to age:

  • 2 months: Generally, the Little One can "coo" such as "aaaa", "ooo".
  • 6-9 months: The Little One begins to talk, babble or repeat syllables such as "maa ma" or "pa-pa". From the age of 6 months, he/she is able to turn when called. If not, Mommy needs to check whether your Little One has a hearing problem or not.
  • 12 months: The Little One can already say "mama", "papa" and take out a word or two that has meaning.
  • 24 months: The Little One can combine two words, for example "mama’s book".

Then, how to train the Little One so that he/she is able to communicate well? Do some of the following tips:

Diligently, ask your Little One to communicate

Stimulation of speech should be done since the Little One is a baby. Invite him/her to interact anywhere and anytime. For example, when the Little One is holding an object, ask him/her to talk by explaining the name of the object. Mommy can also invite him/her to find out the names of objects around the Little One by pointing and telling the names. This activity is expected to help the Little One to be more communicative.

Exercise in a fun way

Playing is one way to stimulate the intelligence of the Little One. The Little One will be more responsive in listening and responding to what the Mommy is trying to teach. Stimulate the ability to talk of the Little One by telling a simple story. Use a hand puppet to make it more fun. The LittleOne will be more eager to imitate what Mommy’s said. Another activity that can be done is to sing for the Little One. He/she will be used to listening, and sooner or later will try to imitate the lyrics of the song that Mommy recites.

Avoid using baby language

Make it a habit to say the words according to the correct pronunciation. Example: correct the Little One if he/shesays "mam" to say the word "eat".

For a variety of creative play ideas that can sharpen the linguistic intelligence of the Little One, Mommy can see it on the growth and development site Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. Examples of games that can be done is "Cans Telephone" and "Make a Rain Painting". In addition, Mommy can also use the facility of identifying multiple intelligences to know the other intelligence of the Little One so he/she can be given the optimal stimulation.

Not only that, support for the process of learning to talk of the Little One can also be provided through the fulfillment of nutritional needs. Provide nutrients that contain Omega-3, Omega-6, choline, and alpha-lactalbumin that will support the Little One’s brain and nerve cellsdevelopment.

Make sure that Mommy accompanies the Little One in playing and learning new things. Many of the growth and development delays can be overcome if managed early.