Playing in the rain is proved good for stimulating children development

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 January 2020

Playing in the rain is proved good for stimulating children development

A lot of people believed that playing in the rain will make us sick. But, believe it or not, playing in the rain can help stimulate children's development. Now, the question is, Is it true playing in the rain can make us sick? Here is the explanation.

Flu virus tends to be more active when in a cold weather and when it’s cold, little one immune is decreasing. Beside that, the sewer water or shower from the roof is dirty and potentially as a germ nest. That’s why it has become a main factor why little one can get the flu. So, as long as little one is wearing clothes, footwear and strong immune, playing in the rain is not a problem. It is just Mom has to keep watch at the duration, maximum is 30 minutes and after playing in the rain, little one has to immediately rinse off and wear warm clothes.

Mom, actually, playing in the rain does not completely make little one get sick. Mom no need to worry anymore if little one is playing in the rain because there are some benefits that little can get when they are playing in the rain.

1. Train gross motor skills
When playing outside including playing in the rain, little one will run here and there even jumping. These activities can give stimulation to their gross motor skill development. Therefore, little one will be more agile, have a good balance and better coordination.

2. Sharpen naturalist intelligence
Playing in nature makes little one has a connection to it and it gives a positive impact for their bodies and minds. With the connection with nature, little one naturalist intelligence will also develop. Beside that, little one also get a positive impact from nature like relieving stress and increasing the endorphine. Columbia University research that rain content a negative ion that can ease depression in children. And negative ions are also much more powerful than antidepressant.

3. Stimulate little one creativity and imagination
When little one plays in the rain, they often use their imagination and creativity in their play. For example, they make a boat from a paper and put it on the puddle. Usually, they are not playing in the rain alone, but with friends too. That makes their social skills also improve.

4. Strengthen bone
Reported from Amslee Institute, an institute that focuses on children development said that playing in the rain can help strengthen little one’s bone. Negative ions that contain in the rain believed can create a biochemistry reaction and can destroy free radicals that cause brittle bones. So, no need to worry if little one is playing in the rain, Mom. remember to make sure little one is in a good condition and doesn’t play in the rain too long. Take a shower immediately and wear dry clothes after play so the dirt doesn't stick and vanish soon.

5. Prevent Obesity
When little one is playing in the rain. They will be encouraged to actively move. When their physical actively move, then the possibilty little one getting obese and other health problem connected with overweight like diabetes and heart disease will decrease.

There are 5 benefits that little one can get when playing in the rain. Once in a while, Mom can also join them. Togetherness between Mom and little one will make they closer to Mom.