Music: An Important Stimulation for Little One's Growth and Development

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

Music: An Important Stimulation for Little One's Growth and Development

Music and singing have become a part of our daily life. Since the Little One is born, Mommy must have been accustomed to using music for various purposes ranging from calming him, expressing affection, to the stimulation of intelligence. Adults listen to music for various things; entertainment or a change of mood from gloomy to be cheerful. What about for the Little One? Does Music have any benefit?

Here are the benefits of music for the Little One:

Increase memory

Some types of music, such as classical music, activate the right and left brain at once. This simultaneous action serves to maximize learning and information storage.

A study by the Brain and Creativity Institute at the University of Southern California in 2016 gives a result that states how experience of music in childhood support the development of the brain, especially areas related to language and reading ability.

Improve the mood

A study published in the Nature Neuroscience journal shows that classical songs trigger the release of endorphins and dopamine, a chemical substance in the brain and body that can make us relax and happy.

Train and improve motor skills

Music is proved to be a good stimulation for the Little One to be active to move, such as clapping hands and move the hands and feet to the rhythm. This will train motor skills and coordination.

Well, it turns out that the benefits of music for the growth and development of the Little One is quite numerous. When the Little One shows more interest in music, such as sensitive to rhythm or has a good singing ability, there is chance that the dominant intelligence of the Little One musical intelligence.

Musical intelligence is one of nine multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner, professor of psychology at Harvard University. Eight other compound intelligences are linguistic, logical mathematical, kinesthetic, visual spatial, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalist, and moral intelligence. Gardner believes that each individual has potential in the 9 aspects of the intelligence and the development of each aspect depends heavily on the stimulation provided.

Stimulation of music that Mommy can do at home, among others, are to teach the Little One children’s songs with simple lyrics, to use tools to produce rhythm, or even to dance with the Little One. If the Little One starts to get bored with the same activity, Mommy can find creative game ideas that can be used as stimulation of musical intelligence at Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan There, Mommy can find a game idea that has been divided into 9 categories of multiple intelligences. Not only the idea of playing alone, Morinaga MI Play Plan also offers a facility of identification of multiple intelligences that can be used to see other potential owned by the Little One.

Well, seeing the many benefits of music as well as the easy way of stimulating musical intelligence on the Little One, of course, Mommy will directly apply it at home, right? Let's find an idea for playing in Morinaga MI Play Plan.