Mommy Must Know These 4 Parenting Style

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 March 2017

Mommy Must Know These 4 Parenting Style

Mommy certainly agrees with the statement that the role of parents in the physical growth and development of the Little One is very important. In order for the Little One to go through the optimal growth and development process, Daddy and Mommy should give your Little One an appropriate assistance.

What is "appropriate"? Mommy must know and understand when to function as a parent, playmate, and as a friend who is ready to accommodate complaints. Not only that, Mommy also must be good at monitoring, when it's time to monitor from a distance, closely, also time to give trust and build confidence within your Little One.

Basic needs of the Little One are attention and affection from Daddy and Mommy. Aside from being the place where he/she takes shelter, the home environment is where he gets the necessities of life, and as a medium to raise the Little One to adulthood. This is why the emotional closeness between Daddy and the Little One becomes very important. Make the Little One feel needed at the same time, precious, in the family. This will foster a sense that the family is an important part of his/her life.

Laurence Steinberg, professor of psychology in Philadelphia, says parenting has two components: parenting style and parenting practices. Effective parenting styles can support the development of the Little One’s Personality. In addition, there are four kinds of parenting styles, namely authoritative, authoritarian, neglectful, and indulgent, as John Santrock puts it in a book entitled Educational Psychology. What are the four parenting styles? Check out these explanations below:

  • Authoritative is a warm but firm upbringing. Daddy and Mommy support the Little One to become independent and have freedom, but still give limit and control towards the Little One.
  • Authoritarian, this pattern of care requires high adherence from the Little One. Daddy and Mommy use more punishment, limits, dictatorship, and tend to be stiff.
  • Not involved (neglectful), in this parenting style, Daddy and Mommy show little commitment in caring for the Little One, meaning they have little time and attention for the Little One.
  • Permissive (indulgent) is a parenting style that tends to accept, is soft, and more passive in the discipline area. Daddy and Mommy are too indulgent in love, not demanding, and give the Little One the freedom to act as he/she wishes.

Of the four styles of upbringing or parenting style above, Mommy can apply them alternately depending on the conditions and situations encountered. For example, when the Little One is going to do something potentially harmful to himself/herself, then apply autotharian parenting style, another case when the Little One is being creative, Mommy can apply indulgent parenting style in order that the Little One can be more creative.

Discuss and agree on the parenting style that you want to apply at home with your partner. Daddy and Mommy should agree on this parenting style for the process of learning of the Little One to go maximally.