Let’s get to know little one’s movement that ready to be born

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 July 2023

Let’s get to know little one’s movement that ready to be born

Most pregnant women, childbirth start between 39 weeks  and 41 weeks of pregnancy. However, Mom should prepare long before even from the age of 37 weeks of pregnancy. This is related to the childbirth condition which is different in every woman. For this reason, Mom should regularly visit a medical expert so that if certain conditions are found in pregnancy and you have to deliver, it can be treated immediately. No need to worry, because 37 weeks of pregnancy is the safe pregnancy age to give birth.

Signs of 37 weeks fetus movement

One of the preparations toward delivery is Mom can recognize some of the fetus movement. Entering the age of 36 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus already has enough size and maturity to be born. The body organs are formed perfectly, such as kidneys, lungs, and liver which at the age of 36 weeks has produced feces. With a sign of the readiness of the organs that are owned by the baby, then Mom’s pregnancy has entered the preparation week towards labor.

The baby’s condition will continue to experience movement, especially in training the lungs in respiratory readiness after birth. 37 weeks fetus generally capable to change the position to adjust the delivery. Fetal movements before delivery is the fetus begins to descend to the pelvis, ideally the head will face the birth canal before labor. The other sign in this age is the coat of hair has fallen out and vernix caseosa (the layer that protects the baby in the womb) begins to disappear. Mom’s baby will swallow it both and this is what affects the baby first feces is in black color.

Signs of 38 weeks fetus till ready to be born

Furthermore, towards the age of 38 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant Mom will often have contractions. On the other side the baby’s movement keeps developing, one of the 38 weeks baby’s condition is the addition of fat deposits to help the condition of the baby's body temperature be maintained after labor. Then in week 39, there will be a condition where the baby shows the movement of readiness to be born, usually in this week the clear amniotic fluid will change to be pale like milk. At the end of the week like in the age of 40 weeks, there will be a condition in which the uterus is becoming smaller, then in this week, the baby inside will produce a hormone called cortisol from adrenal gland. This hormone will help perfecting lung organs and preparing air reception after birth. For the male reproductive organs in general, the testicles are down. While in baby girls, ovaries are still located on the edge of the pelvis until later after birth.

For Moms who have entered pregnancy at the end of the third trimester, it would be nice to always recognize various signs before delivery since the fetus is 37 weeks. Mom will more often experience pain in the crotch due to the fetus’s head position down to the birth canal. In addition, some Moms complain of pain in the pelvis and spine due to fetus shifts and movements. Mom can overcome it by reducing excess activity and lots of rest. Signs of the baby's birth getting closer is your water broke. Always take care of your condition during pregnancy Mom so you can have a smooth labor.