Know the Stages of Growth and Development of Your Little One Age 0-24 Months

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 November 2017

Know the Stages of Growth and Development of Your Little One Age 0-24 Months

Did Mommy know that the term growth and development have two different meanings? The word "growth" is used to describe the physical growth of Little One, that is, the increase of weight and height which can be measured by numbers. While the word "development" means the increase of cognitive abilities and physical activity of the Little One, in line with the increasing age, such as the ability of gross and fine motor skill.

Ideal weight is one of the benchmark of your Little One’s growth measures. Ideally, at the age of 4 months, the weight of your Little One will reach twice the weight at birth. And at the age of 1 year, his/her weight will reach three times the weight at birth. In the 1-5 year age period, your Little One will experience weight gain of about 2.2 kilograms per year.

While for height, at the age of 1 year, generally, your Little One’s height will experience an increase of about 50 percent height at birth and at the age of 4 years, your Little One will have a body heigth twice as tall as his/her height at birth.

Gender affects the weight and height gain of the Little One. As a reference in assessing whether the weight and height ofyour Little One is normal for the age group, Mommy can use the weight chart of WHO.

What about the reference guide for the development of cognitive abilities and physical activity of the Little One? Well, Mommy can see them below:

Age 1-6 months

Your Little One can respond to the voice of others he/she hears. Your Little One will be able to lift the head as high as 45 degrees at the age of 3 months. This ability continues to grow until the age of 4 months when he can roll to a  prone position. And finally, at the age of 5-6 months he/she can turn his body from prone position to supine position.

Age 6-9 months

Your Little One will start "babbling". He will try to sit down. Initially, your Little One will need help to support his/her body. However, at the age of 8 months, your Little One is able to sit without help anymore. Afterwards, your Little One will start exploring his/her surroundings by crawling at the age of 9 months.

Age 10-11 months

How cute that your Little One can now follow the voice of others, say "mama" though not necessarily understanding the meaning. At the same time, your Little One will try to pull himself to stand by clinging to the objects around him/her.

Age 12 months

If, before, your Little One says "mama" without knowing the meaning of it, now, your Little One already understands that "mama" is the Mommy. He/she can also start to follow the usual 2-3 words spoken to him/her. He is also increasingly adept at standing unaided, perhaps even starting to walk.

Age 13-15 months

Speaking 4-7 words, usually the content of a small talk which can not be understood by adults

Age 16-18 months

Speak 10 words and can repeat words spoken by others.

Age 19-21 months

Speak 20 words. His words began to be understood by others.

Age 22-24 months

Talk more than 50 words, can make sentences with 2 words, most sentences can be understood others.

In order for the process of growth and development of your Little One can go optimally, Mommy must ensure that your Little One gets a balanced nutritional intake according to his/her needs and get the stimulation according to his/her age.