Is it allowed for old pregnancy to have sex?

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 14 November 2019

Is it allowed for old pregnancy to have sex?

Usually, desire to have sex is come out at the age of 9 month of pregnancy. This is because the woman's condition stabilizes with the size of stomach getting bigger. In fact, pregnant women commonly get more frequent orgasms than before. Actually, having sex when pregnant is allowed, even it has psychological and physical benefits if it’s done correctly.

Surely Mom needs to check it first before having sexual intercourse. If your obstetrician is already making sure Mom’s pregnancy is in a fine condition, then Mom can decide to have quality sexual intercourse with your husband. Well, here are in below the benefits Mom can get when have sex while pregnant:

1. Relieve stress

The benefits of having sex at 9 month of pregnancy is first it can relieve stress. Same thing with eating chocolate and going on vacation, having sex can decrease blood pressure and trigger endorphine to release in brain in order to control the stress and emotional disturbance while pregnant.

2. Reduce Pain

Hormones released when Mom reaches orgasm can reduce the pain suffered during pregnancy, such as back pain, tension in the neck, and headaches that are usually suffered by pregnant women due to hormones.

3. Increase Immune

Sexual intercourse can trigger the release of DHEA hormone (dehydroepiandrosterone) that is useful to increase immune. Some of research showed that couple who have sex regularly which 2-3 times a week have higher antibody than couple who irregularly having sex. This antibody is surely needed by pregnant women’s bodies.

4. Improve Heart Health

As is well known, if dangerous diseases such as heart disease can affect pregnant women’s condition during pregnancy. Having sex when 9 months pregnant turns out to be able to train the strength and balance of the heart muscles. A research state that have sex regularly in a week can reduce heart attack and stroke risks. The heart’s strength is also needed by Mom for facing the normal delivery.

5. Increase Confidence

Pregnant women are generally unconfident with their body shape changes. However, with do some sex theraphies it can increase confidennce because Mom will feel accepted though there are change happen to your body.

6. Strengthen Relationships

Sexual intercourse strengthen the bond of husband and wife. When having sex at nine month of pregnancy, Mom and partner will receive intimate affection from one another which lead to the increasing of oxytocin release that function to develop sexual desire. The release of oxytocin regularly can help to increase the frequency of making love.

7. Strengthen Pelvic Muscles

For women, having sex regularly can help strengthen pelvic muscles. This exercise is known as kegel exercise. This exercise will help to increase sexual desire with your spouse and can reduce the risk of uterine prolapse to happen later in old age.

When Mom is pregnant, usually Mom will feel pain in some parts, like back pain, leg pain, headache, and others. For that, consider things that can harm the fetus and have sex as comfortable as possible.

Beside of some benefits of having sex that mention above, it turns out that have sex when 9 month pregnnat is allowed. But, if your obstetrician states that there are no serious problems in Mom’s pregnancy, then sexual intercourse can be categorized as relatively safe.