Important! Ways to teach little one politeness in earlier

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 10 January 2020

Important! Ways to teach little one politeness in earlier

Children are great imitators, they like a sponge that absorbs everything around them and in the end it affects their behavior. That is why it’s important for Dad and Mom to teach all good and bad things earlier, including politeness. Politeness is one of the important factors in supporting little one emotional development. Mom not just helps them to grow to be a well-behave individual, but also improve their ability to interact with others in public.

Teaching politeness can be started in the early age when they already can listen, see, and imitate Dad and Mom. Well, here are some parenting tips to teach politeness to little one since early stage.

  1. “Please”, “Sorry”, and “Thank you”

    Words; “Please”, “Sorry”, and “Thank you” are insignificant words but magical. Little things that almost everybody forget but the impact is extraordinary when you do it. Mom can practice it with Dad first like when Dad gives something to Mom, Mom says “thank you”. Teach the little one to say it when they receive something. This habit will carry on when they are in a different environment although with strangers.

  1. Correct little one error nicely

    When children make some errors is a reasonable thing, because they don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right. When they make a mistake, correct it nicely. Don’t scold and tell them nicely. Instead of telling their mistakes in public, take little one to a quiet place and do eye contact with them. Make sure little one understands about their mistakes and won’t do it again.

  1. Give compliment sufficiently

    Children like to receive compliments, especially from Dad and Mom. Compliment for them is a recognition that what they did is true. As a parent, Mom should know that children want attention in any way, and giving compliments is a way to steal your attention with well-behaving.

  1. Teach them with full of patience

    Teaching children isn’t about one or just two days, but until they grow up. If little one’s behavior doesn’t as Mom expected, don’t give up to keep teaching them, Mom. With patience, they will understand the meaning of appreciating feelings, listening more, and respect others' feelings including Mom.

  1. Teach politeness earlier

    According to Nona Melnick from Montessori Children’s House, children are able to learn about basic behaviors from the age of 18 months. Positive behavior that Mom already embedded since early stage will be imprinted and remembered until adulthood. It will be best, Mom teaches little one about politeness from an early stage.

Politeness needs to be taught, shown, and done by people who are close to little one which is Dad and Mom as parents. Mom must realize whatever you embed now to little one will apply in their adulthood. Parenting is not an easy matter, but Mom sure can do it. Always teach good things to little one, Mom!