Important! This is how to count the fetal movement ahead pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 January 2020

Important! This is how to count the fetal movement ahead pregnancy

Mom, more older the age of pregnancy, Mom will feel more fetal movement in your womb. Moreover, entering 9 months pregnancy, the fetal movement become more active especially at night. Sometimes making Mom cannot sleep well, and plus Mom urge for urinate become more often. Mom should know that the healthy 9 months old fetus could kick around 10 times every 2 hours. The movement that formed in Mom stomach could shape like a foot or the baby’s hand.

9 months old fetus movement that get stronger is a normal sign and no need to be worried. Otherwise, Mom should be alerted if the fetus doesn’t move even a little bit. The fetus that doesn’t move could indicate stillbirth or other pregnancy disorder.

Fetal movement counts

Counting the fetal movement is the way that Mom could use to monitor the fetal movement entering the age of 9 months. In 20 weeks pregnancy, most of Mom feel a frequent various movement variations, strength and patterns depend on the fetus maturity. Generally, the fetus has activity rhymes that determined biologically. Baby is also much more active after Mom finished eating. This is because the increasing of glucose intake in Mom’s blood.

Why is important to count fetal movement?

Fetal movement is a sign that there are signs of life inside Mom’s womb. Pregnant mom should learn about the movement patterns so if something wrong happen to the fetus, Mom will know right away. Learning about the patterns is also means that Mom understand about the fetus condition. Because a fetus could feel stressed and it’s marked by the different movement patterns.

How to count fetal movement?

Counting 9 months old fetus movement is not a hard thing, Mom. There are some ways that Mom can use to count it. One of them is spare some times and focus on the fetus patterns movement. For example is after having a meal, Mom focus in the stomach and write down how many kicks that the fetus does. Do it regularly so Mom could feel the differences if something happen with the fetus.

If this activity make Mom stressed, there is another way to count the fetal movement. Get ready a coin in Mom’s right hand. Every time the fetus kicked, move the coin to the other hand or to a container that already prepared. Then, count how many coins that already collected in two hours. Do this if it’s the easiest way for Mom to do it.

What to do after counting the fetal movement?

Besides having a movement patterns to the 9 months old fetus, it’s time for Mom to learn about the fetus condition. There are some conditions when Mom has to checkup the fetus to the doctor, such as there are no movement at all and the fetus movement become slower.

The baby movements reflect the healthiness of placenta. Placenta is the heart of pregnancy because this is where all the nutrition and oxygen originated and straight to Mom’s fetus. If the 9 months old fetus less of movement, that’s mean placenta doesn’t function well and in the end will endanger Mom’s fetus. Good luck for counting the fetal movement when entering 9 months pregnancy, Mom.