How to educate a child for early moral value

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 18 July 2023

How to educate a child for early moral value

Educate a child to have a moral quotient is a big responsibility for parents and otherwise it should be done early so he right values surely become a basic character for the little one. Then, how to do it? It’s easy, in fact, maybe unconsciously Dad and Mom already did that. Here are tips for Dad and Mom to try on how to educate the little one so he/she has a good moral in the future.

Accompany Little One emotionally

Dad and Mom presence in educating the child may seem insignificant, but it gives a big influence. Accompany the little one actively will build emotional closeness and empathy. This will make little one learns how to have empathy with other people which in the future the little one capable to be empathic and caring person. However, this only will happen if Dad and Mom really consistently presence to the little one by hugging, carrying, singing together, laughing, playing, eye contact while chatting and responding the little when he/she babbling.

Become an example

Children are great imitators to they parents, and also morally. According to G. Gergely dan J. S. Watson, children start to imitate their parents even when they are a baby. A baby see and observe his/her parent ‘s facial expression or adults that close to him/her emotionally, for him/her learn to show that expression too later. So that, the outputs when the little one socialize are all of the learning process that he/she learns from his/her parent. When the little one getting older, things that his/her imitated is not just only expressions anymore, but also behavior and response about something. Therefore, Dad and Mom should be a good example for the little one so the little one become a person that Dad and Mom expected.

Not always fulfill what the little one wants

In educating a child, Mom doesn’t have to fulfill all the little one wants. According to Senior Psychologist, Elly Risma, with unfulfilled the little one wishes will teach him/her about disappointment and give him/her understanding that not all he/she wants will fulfill. That will impact him/her emotional and moral quotient in the future, he/she trained to face failure and doesn’t force his/her will to other people. Educating a child like this will effectively worked when the little one starting to enter tantrum phase at the age of 2 and up.

Appreciate the little one emotion

Appreciating little one emotion is a part of ways how to educate children so they have a good moral. The little one get use to validated by his/her parent, even when he/she is angry, the little one will have a better regulate emotion in the future.

Consistently application

A key of success in educating children so they have a good moral quotient is Dad and Mom consistently to rules application. Parent should have a viewpoint and a clear purpose in the little one’s educating process, so it will run smoothly in front of the little one. Do it consistently from the little one still a baby, compatible with his/her growth and development stages.

Enjoy every educating moment with a happy heart, Mom, because we can rewind time and unconsciously the little one already grow big.