How to do simple packing for more comfortable holiday

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 January 2020

How to do simple packing for more comfortable holiday

The end of year holiday plan used to be prepared a long time before. Place to stay, tourism place, and tickets become the main preparation so the holiday can be more fun. Well, when the time gets closer, Mom gets hectic preparing things you should bring. On the other hand, planning and preparing a comfortable holiday is one of important part of parenting that Mom needs to understand.

A sudden packing habit like that should be avoided, moreover when preparing the trip with little one. It should be better that Mom packed 7 days before the departure or at least made a list of things that need to be brought during holiday. With more ready preparation, packing things will be more fun and organized.

There are some packing tips that Mom can use so the holiday will be more comfortable. Here are the tips:

1. Use suitcase or bag with many pockets
Ready to go on holiday means ready to get troubled? Not really. To minimize the trouble of preparing little one’s needs, try to use a bag with many compartments. With a lot of pockets make the bag is more convenient to use. Besides, storage of things also looks neater and easier to remember.

For example, put the milk bottle and thermos in the outside pocket or tissues and diapers on the pocket that are easier to grab. So, Mom can grab little one’s needs faster and more conveniently.

2. Put the clothes in with roll it first
This method is already familiar to Mom. Packing clothes with roll it first is proved to be saving a lot of space in Mom’s bag. It’s simple, roll all the thin clothes like t-shirt, pants, thin blanket, or underwear. Then buckling it and adjusting it with remaining space in Mom’s bag.

Not just more convenient and saving so much space, this tip will make the bag look organized. And make Mom easier to choose clothes that little one will use.

3. Arrange the clothes according to the wearing schedule
Sorting little one clothes according to the wearing schedule is a useful packing way. For example, on the first day of holiday Mom takes little one to the beach, then prepares little one’s beachwear on top. Put it in little one’s clothes that they will wear at the end of the day of holiday first.

This way is guaranteed to save Mom’s time when looking for little one’s clothes during the holiday. At the same time making Mom’s bag doesn’t look messy.

4. Prepare plastic bag for dirty clothes
One thing that is often being ignored when preparing the holiday is dirty clothes. Though the number of dirty clothes during the holiday is not small. Bringing the extra plastic bag will be useful to separate dirty and clean clothes. Even better if Mom brings a vacuum bag for dirty clothes. Beside removing the odors, a vacuum bag makes dirty clothes thinner, so it saves space in Mom’s bag.

5. Using pouch for small things
Things like toiletries, parfume, charger, or little one’s toys may not take a lot of space, but if it’s stacked up just like that, it will make the bag messier. it‘s easy, just combine it to the pouch or zipper bag so it will be neater.

Separate those things will be added practicality while on vacation. If possible, use a waterproof pouch for little one toiletries.

6. Prepared small bag for important necessity
Different with pouches for toiletries, this small bag is used to saving the important necessity. For example, handphone, camera, milk bottle, tissue, passport, or purse. Use a waist bag or sling bag so Mom can bring it to the tourism place.

With that, an important necessity will be more protected and neat because it’s separated with the main bag that is filled with little one’s clothes.

Although it looks simple, packing activity is very decisive for a comfortable holiday trip. So, besides preparing for accommodation and transportation, pay attention to Mom and little one’s practical goods when packing. Little one’s goods are indeed a lot, but don’t forget about Mom’s goods too. Happy Holiday, Mom!