Here’re how to resolve picky eater children during holiday

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 January 2020

Here’re how to resolve picky eater children during holiday

End of year it’s time to holiday with family and little one. Holidays can become a tiring release activity. Besides, little one can learn new things starting from culture, history, to culinary. Well, the problem that parents usually face is food. Be in the new environment that far from home tends to make children don’t have an appetite. Even when at home, they are already picky eaters, added when they try new food. Worried that little one’s body weight will decrease, Mom still can do these methods below.

1. Always bring little one favorite food

As a stockpile and aware that little one won’t like the local food, always bring their favorite foods. But, don’t give them the food straight to them before the meal time. Take little one slowly to adapt with the situation. Ask them slowly what they want, then make little one finish the meal.

2. Order the similar food like Mom cooked at home

Mom’s cooking is the best! Maybe when on holiday, little one doesn’t get used to outside cooking. So, it’s better for Mom to order the similar food that Mom cooked at home. It helps little one to find familiar food for them.

3. Let little one try new cooking with a fun way

One of the exciting activities when on family vacation is to try regional specialties culinary. When little one is picky eater, it’s best for Mom to make this moment fun. For example, Mom can add some toppings on the food that form little one’s favorite cartoon character. With that, they will be happier to eat the food in front of them.

4. Bring little one favorite cutlery

Quite complicated for Mom to bring little one’s cutlery when on vacation. But, picky eater children sometimes like to use things they get used to using more, like their favorite spoon and fork. Mom will do whatever it takes to make little one eat and don’t let them lose weight when on vacation, right?

5. Relax, little one will ask to eat

Because they are actively moving, they will get hungry. Unfortunately, Mom never knows when they will ask for food. That’s why, always provide reserve food for little one. If they get hungry, little one will eat whatever Mom’s prepared.

Vacation with picky eater children doesn’t mean Mom gives up introducing new foods to them. Use this vacation moment to introduce them to a new taste and wider their list of food that they can take. Need a little bit more creativity, and a lot of patience and time to change picky eater children to become a lover of all foods. Ready to go on holiday with little one, Mom?