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Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast to Jump Start Your Little One's Day

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 July 2017

Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast to Jump Start Your Little One's Day

Your little one needs calories to produce energy every day. It is required so that he or she can undergo various activities optimally. This is why parents really should pay attention to what their children eat as well as when they meal time is.

Breakfast is food consumed in the morning before activities. It plays important role in supporting children’s growth and maximizing their academic as well as psychosocial abilities at school. Breakfast is an important nutrition to start the day because physiologically, the blood sugar will decrease within two hours after your little one wakes up. If breakfast is skipped, he or she will surely feel weak.

So, what kind of breakfast is best for your little one? Make sure the menu includes all important nutrients listed below:


One benefit of breakfast is to enhance brain cognitive skills like increasing concentration to improve memory as well as increasing awareness. Therefore, brain needs glucose from food to work optimally. It is the primary source of energy for metabolism.

The benefits of glucose can be obtained from wheat-based products such as oatmeal, red rice, and wheat bread. Seeds and cereals are also beneficial due to its high vitamin B content, which is good for nerve health.


Protein is a good food for your little one’s development. It is contained in many food sources like fish, red mead, poultries, egg, nuts and peas, soybeans, and cereals. Protein also helps to form the body’s immune system.

Mineral iron contained in cow’s meat or lean meat supports your little one’s health by preventing anemia. It is important to help him or her focus on lessons at school. Besides, cow’s meat is a source of zinc, which may help maintain memory.

Eating egg routinely as breakfast is also good for your little one. The egg yolk contains choline, an important nutrient for memory development. Fatty fish such as salmon is a good source of omega-3 needed for brain growth and function.

Dairy products

Do not forget to give milk or its products (e.g. yoghurt and cheese). They are high in B vitamins required for the growth of neurotransmitters and enzymes. Neurotransmitters are substances required to submit information from one neuron to the other.

When preparing breakfast for your little one, also pay attention to the presentation and taste of food. Children have more taste buds than adults and thus more sensitive. You can combine several foodstuffs so that your little one’s breakfast menu varies. For example, you can make sandwich contains egg and cheese or pasta with meat sauce.