Get to know 5 causes the little one weight difficult to gaining

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 January 2020

Get to know 5 causes the little one weight difficult to gaining

The little one weight gain has become one of the baby’s growth standards that’s important. Mom often feel anxious and worried if the little one body weight doesn’t match the growth/development curva. World Health Organization (WHO) released a table contains body weight, body height, and head circumference for girls and boys as a child development standard.

If the little one body weight tends to sloping or even drop down, no need to panic. Usually the little one weight loss is caused by some factors, such as nutrition intake and daily activities. But, if it keeps happening, the little one has risk of underweight and stunting. To prevent it, Let’s find out what makes little one body weight difficult to gain here below:

  1. Wrong position of breastfeeding
    For a newborn baby, breast milk is the only one food resource that he/she can take and digest. But, if sticking little one’s mouth to Mom’s nipple not in the right position, then the breast milk intake is not enough so affect the little one’s weight. That is why it will be best that Mom pay attention carefully when the little one breastfeed so the breast milk production fulfilled the little one.

  1. Unbalance Complementary Food Intake
    Entering the age of 6 month, the little one already allowed to get additional food intake to support his/her growth and development. Giving complementary food should be equipped with balanced nutrition macro and micronutrients that consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. At the beginning of giving complementary food, the little one still need time to adapt to his/her first  solid food, it’s often that little one refuse to eat the food or keep spit the food out that makes the nutrition intake doesn’t fulfill his/her daily nutritional needs.

  1. The little one is more active
    Besides entering to complementary food phase, 6 months old baby and above also far more active than usual. Baby will start to learn how to sit, crawl, even walk. That is why, little one needs more energy not just for doing activity but also for his/her growth and development.

  1. In recovery process
    The little one’s appetite after getting sick usually will decrease. It causing weight loss. So it will be better that to keep out for little one food intake and don’t give up to pursue the little one’s  ideal weight after recovery.

  1. The little one having indigestion
    Indigestions that little one experienced such as diarrhea, reflux, intestinal disease, oral infection, and lactose intolerance are becoming one of the reasons why little one’s weight difficult to gain. It's best to consult right away to the doctor to cure it. After that, focus on gaining the weight.

So, those are 5 causes that make little one’s weight difficult to gain that Mom should know. Just keep monitor the little one growth and development and also the complementary food intake include texture, portion, and meal time. You can do it, Mom! Don’t hesitate to consult a pediatrician if the little one weight doesn’t gain.