Follow These Easy Steps to Avoid Your Children from Getting Common Cold and Sore Throat

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 April 2017

Follow These Easy Steps to Avoid Your Children from Getting Common Cold and Sore Throat

As your children grow older, they will have more activity during the day. To support these activities, your children need to have a healthy and strong body. In order for them to stay healthy and to be free from any diseases, nutritious food is required. Many good habits may also contribute to your children’s health. Do you want to know what are the good activity for your children to keep them healthy? Let’s read the following article.

Your children’s health is strongly linked with the nutrition they need. Nutritious food not only keep your children healthy, but also support their growth and development, including brain and intelligence development.


Every cell in our body has an organic component that functions to build body structure and do all bodily function. One of this component is nucleotide. Some examples of nucleotide are DNA, RNA, ATP, NTP, Coenzyme A, etc.

The main function of nucleotide is to store genetic information. Nucleotide also functions to increase body immune system, protect the gut from infection, and help in the growth process. If your body lack the nucleotide needed to support your body function, damage to the body’s health system may occur.

Children’s body is still undergoing a rapid development process, so they need a lot of nucleotide within a short period of time. Sometimes, body storage of nucleotide does not fulfill the body need so they need extra source of nucleotide from food.

What kind of food that contains a lot of nucleotide? You can use meat, fish, shrimp, and bread as the basic ingredient of your dish. Put it into your children’s daily menu so their requirement is fulfilled.


Lactoferrin is an iron binding protein with so many function, like anti- microbe, anti-inflammation and increase the immune system. Lactoferrin has the ability to combat the bacteria residing in your children’s gut, so they will develop gut disorder less frequent.

This protein is contained in the breast milk and cow milk. However, colostrum, the first breastmilk produced, contains the most lactoferrin, about seven times of that in the regular breastmilk. Therefore, colostrum is very important to develop the immune system to fight infection by virus, bacteria, and fungi.

Beside paying attention to your children’s diet, you can apply the following habit to make sure your children stay healthy. This habit is useful in keeping a healthy body. Here are some habit required to keep a healthy body:

  • Keep your children’s hands clean. Wash your hand frequently reduce the risk of catching respiratory and gut diseases. Make sure that your children wash their hand frequently, after eating, going home from school or after any outdoor activity. The duration of hand washing is about 40-60 seconds, as recommended by WHO. If your children can not count number yet, you can tell them to sing “Happy Birthday” twice when washing their hand.
  • Maintain an active physical activity every day. “Studies show that physical activity in the form of light exercise everyday reduce the risk of catching common cold by 25-50%. Exercise is the best medicine,” explained Harley A. Rotbart, M.D, the author of Germ Proof Your Kids: The Complete Guide to Protecting (Without Overprotecting) Your Family from Infections.
  • Enough rest. Make sure that your children have enough sleep. Lack of sleep increase the risk of catching common cold by two times, according to Dr. Rotbart.
  • Avoid any face contact. Virus can enter your body through the nose, eyes and mouth, so make sure that your children do not touch these areas. This is the reason why washing hands is important. Remind your children not to share their food with friends, and sharing their personal amenities, like tooth brush, with anyone.

So, consuming nutritious food is a good thing, but there are some easy steps that can be applied to keep your children’s body healthy. This habit might be difficult to be applied during the first few days, but they will adapt to the habit soon enough. A healthy habit is a precious investment for your children’s future.