Fetus development in the age of 9 months that Mom has to know

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 17 December 2019

Fetus development in the age of 9 months that Mom has to know

When the fetus is at the age of nine months, it’s time for Mom to prepare the labor. In this period, they will grow and experience the organ maturation they need after they’ve born. That’s why Mom needs to focus on fetus weight when in the uterus. Because, when the fetus is born and underweight, they will have some health disorder.

How is the 9 months fetus growth?

Entering 37 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s weight reached 2.8 kg and 48.6 cm in length. The process of giving birth in this period is considered mature enough because a 9 months fetus is already grown and developed perfectly. Then how is the growth of 9 months fetus? Here are the explanation:

  • 37 weeks fetus growth

Its weight is now 3 kg, with the body length around 36 cm. Their lungs keep growing to mature their breathing system and their fats keep thicken to warm them up when they are born. Fetus at this age is ready to be born because their organs are already mature and work by themselves.

  • 38 weeks fetus growth

In the week 38th, if Mom doesn’t give birth yet, the baby’s weight will reach around 3.1 kg with a body length of 48 cm. Its hair will grow 5 cm in length, its skin starts to become pinkish, and its nail also gets longer. In this age, the baby is already saving enough fat in the body so his/her body temperature will stabilize when it's born. The babies’ antibodies that they receive through the placenta also can help them to go through their first several months of a life well.

  • 39 weeks fetus growth

At this age, the baby’s growth is perfect. Their weight reaches 3.2 kg with 49 cm body length. In this week, Mom should be ready and alert because there are always chances to give birth anytime.

  • 40 weeks fetus growth

If it’s already in the week 40th and Mom still hasn't given birth yet, fetus weight in the uterus may already reach around 3.3 kg and 50 cm body length. Don’t worry if Mom passed estimated day of delivery (EDD). It's just around 5% of pregnant Moms that deliver according to the due date and the doctor may not recommend to do induction and C-section a week or in two weeks yet, except if Mom and the baby is in a dangerous condition.

If after 40 weeks of pregnancy and Mom still hasn’t given birth yet, keep calm and do activities that relate to natural induction. Mom can have sexual intercourse with your husband, eat dates, olive oil, and spicy food, do a pregnancy yoga or acupuncture to accelerate the labor.

Guidances during pregnancy

  • If the water broke, Mom should immediately go to the hospital.
  • If this is Mom’s first pregnancy and Mom is having a contraction but not too intense and the waters didn't broke yet, just wait until the contraction comes often and delivery symptoms are increasingly visible.
  • Go to the hospital immediately after a strong contraction and it goes on for 45 seconds to 1 minute, and it happens at least 5 minute once.

If Mom’s house is quite far from the hospital, it will be better than Mom leaves the house when the contraction is not 5 minutes once. So are with the second pregnancy and go on that generally the process is faster than the first pregnancy. If the delivery process is done at home, immediately contact the medical staff who can assist the delivery process.

Giving birth is a process that babies go through to be born into this world. The important thing is keeping Mom and baby’s health and safety. Happy waiting for the beautiful meeting moment with your beloved baby, Mom.