Essential Nutrients for the third trimester pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 14 November 2019

Essential Nutrients for the third trimester pregnancy

If Mom is pregnant, nutrients intake is a significant factor to all trimesters. However, Mom needs to pay attention more about nutrients intake, especially to the third trimester fetus development. Nutrients intake that Mom consumes in this trimester is very influential on the formation of baby's organs. Then, what exactly do you need to support the pregnancy period?

  • Increase calories

Mom needs to increase the calories intake. Mom will need more calories up to 80,000 kilos calories a day. Calorie needs increase in the third trimester pregnancy, which is up to 200 kilos of calories per day. This is because Mom must absorb approximately 285,000 kilos of calories to 300,000 kilos. As explained above, the need for sufficient calories will greatly assist the formation of organs in the fetus and placenta, including adding blood and amniotic fluid. Calories are not only useful for the babies, but also for Mom. By consuming enough calories, Mom has energy reserves for the childbirth process. Calories can be obtained by eating a variety of healthy foods such as nuts, milk, and eggs.

  • Get enough vitamin B6 needs

Besides calories, Mom also has to consume vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is very helpful in chemical processes in the body. In addition, this type of vitamin also increases specific fats, fats and amino acids. The development of a third trimester fetus, Mom requires about 2.2 milligrams of vitamin B6 per day.

  • Fulfill iodine intake

Next, Mom must pay attention to iodine intake in the body. Iodine is very influential on the formation of the fetus, so the baby can be born perfectly and healthy.

  • Consume enough mineral water

Mineral water is an important intake for people who are not pregnant. Moreover, for Moms who are pregnant, water has a very important role in the process of Mom’s pregnancy. The fact is water can accelerate the body's metabolism. To fulfill water intake in the body and prevent dehydration during pregnancy, Mom is advised to consume at least 10 glasses of water every day.

  • Consuming foods that contain protein

Mom is highly recommended to consume foods that contain protein. The protein itself has a role in forming the cells and organs of the fetus. At the very least, Mom must consume around 12 grams per day during the 7 month pregnancy period. This dose is the same as consuming 2 eggs per day.

  • Enough blood levels

Pregnant Moms surely need blood. To increase blood levels in the body, you need enough iron intake. So, by consuming foods that contain iron, Mom can avoid anemia and can help the labor process.

Those are 6 things that needed to support Mom’s pregnancy that Morinaga Platinum successfully summarized. Beside those 6 things, Mom is also recommended not to consume too much salt. Too high salt levels will block blood flow and cause seizures. In this period, the womb has also begun to enlarge, so it's good for Mom to consume healthy food with small portions but eat it often to avoid shortness of breath.

Hopefully this nutrients intake tips for the third trimester fetus could help Mom to take care of your body health and the fetus, so later the baby will be born healthy and perfect. Happy waiting for little one birth, Mom.

Greetings full of love from Morinaga Platinum for Mom and Little One. :)