Does Your Parenting Style Effective? Let's Find Out the Answer!

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 September 2017

Does Your Parenting Style Effective? Let's Find Out the Answer!

To build your child’s character, your parenting style plays a vital role. A proper parenting style would help child to develop optimally. However, many parents do not realize that they make mistakes while applying their parenting style. There are various reasons behind it, one of them is lack of knowledge about parenting.

So, what kind of parenting style that is ineffective for raising children? Here’s the answer:

Authoritarian parenting

Parents who applied this kind of parenting style think that all rules to be followed in the family is for the sake of the child. The child tends to get overprotection and does not get a chance to learn to face difficulties. This will have an adverse impact to the child. It is common to find children raised with this kind of style are less able to control his emotion, lack of confidence, shy, less independent, etc.

Neglectful parenting

In this parenting style, parents tend not to be less involved or even being indifferent. As the result, the child may grow into a person who is less confident because he feels worthless. He will also have difficulty to socialize with others.

Permissive parenting

Permissive parenting is the opposite of authoritarian parenting. In this style, the child is too ‘free’, most of his wishes are fulfilled by the parents. Some parents consider that this parenting style is a form of affection. Permissive parenting will tend to make children to continue demanding their rights, being selfish, disrespectful, etc.

Different parenting style between Mom and Dad

Do you and your spouse have not come into an agreement about the parenting style to be applied? If ‘yes’, then there will be different rules in the family. Your child will be confused of what rules to follow. And usually, it will end up that your child is in favor of one parent who frequently follows his will.

Parenting to fulfill the ambition of parents

Which parents who do not want their child to be succeed? However, sometimes it makes you too ambitious with what you expect your child to be that you’re not listening to his will. Your child may be not eager for school and this can influence his achievements.

Comparing to other child

Parents often compare achievements between one child and another. This will cause negative effect on a child who does not well-performed. He may feel inferior because he is always being compared to other children.

Parenting with rewards

Parenting with rewards refers to the use of gift, a material or a promise, to make children carry out the desired behavior. This will make your child well-behaved only if he gets a reward.

Choosing the right parenting style is crucial in building the character of a child. In the end, any kinds of parenting style that you choose should be adjusted and tailored to your child’s personality.