Do This If Your Little One's Cold is Not Getting Better

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 April 2017

Do This If Your Little One's Cold is Not Getting Better

If your Little One’s nose continues to be runny, he/she will become fussy. Mommy will also be confused and quickly give a medicine to him/her. Your Little One, especially toddler, is often having a respiratory infection characterized by a cough and runny nose. Cold in your Little One can be caused by several things, such as viral infections, cigarette smoke, dust, and allergies.

Then, what should you do if your Little One’s cold doesn’t get any better?

Recognize the severity of the common cold

If the cold is accompanied by other symptoms such as coughing up phlegm, difficulty in breathing, and high fever, you should take your Little One to see a doctor. However, if the complaint is limited to cough and cold that are not severe, you can relieve them by natural means. For example, increase the intake of water, especially warm water or put a humidifier in the bedroom to keep the air moist.

Make sure your Little One has enough rest to help speedy healing. If the cold doesn't heal within 3 days, consult a doctor for a subsequent treatment.

Your Little One must drink a lot and consume healthy food

Drinking a lot and eating healthy foods will increase immune system and help the healing process. Give your Little One a fruit snack that will give him/her extra vitamins. Not only that, Mommy can also provide nutrients that contain nucleotides and lactoferrin.

Nucleotides are proteins that are useful in strengthening the body's immunity and the health of the digestive system, especially for the Little One. The condition of the digestive system of the Little One determines how effectively nutrients are absorbed and distributed throughout the body. Nucleotides also play an important role in metabolic formation.

Meanwhile, lactoferrin is useful as an antimicrobial, a regulator of the immune system, and also a regulator of iron absorption in the intestine. Lactoferrin works on white blood cells to provide immunity. By consuming nutrients that contain lactoferrin, your Little One will be prevented from experiencing cough, cold, ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection), and gastrointestinal infection.

Keep the Little One’s body clean

If the Little One’s hand closes his/her mouth when sneezing or coughing, the germs that cause pain can stick to both hands, and if the Little One doesn't wash his/her hands or take a bath, the germs will continue to be carried by the Little One. So, keep your Little One’s body clean. This is important so that he/she does not infect the germs to other people and help him/her not to catch a cold repeatedly.

Maintaining a personal hygiene and environment is one of the important keys so that the transmission of the disease can be limited. Remember to wash the hands with clean water and use soap every time you are done with an activity. This must be done by all family members. Prevention of infections starts from healthy habits. Let’s apply these at home!