Careful of gadget addiction for little one

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Careful of gadget addiction for little one

Mom, it is often that gadget becomes an effective way to calm little one down when tantrum or just to get rid of his/her boredom. But, if it’s not managed wisely, little one will become addicted to gadget and this could bother his/her growth and development.

In the first five years of life, little one’s brain is developing rapidly. A study shows that a gadget used will affect child brain function and causes him/her to be insensitive to his/her environment.

Not only that, the danger of gadget radiation is really harmful. A child's nerves are still developing and his/her thin skull will make little one fragile to gadget radiation exposure.

Beside nerves, too long playing a gadget can also interfere with little one’s vision. According to an expert, a good vision was obtained by little one if he/she looks at objects from various distances, so that too often staring at gadgets with a monotonous distance, will reduce little one vision function.

Limit according to age

According to an expert from American Academy of Pediatrics, gadgets are not allowed for little one who are under 18 months old. Except the video chat feature that could help little to recognize face shape from gadget screen.

In the age 18 to 24 months, if Mom wants to introduce little one to digital media, it’s recommended to choose high quality programs and useful for little one. And try to always accompany the little one and explain to him/her about what he/she sees.

For children at the age of 2 to 5 years, Mom needs a special rule. Apply screen time for 1 to 2 hours everyday. Make sure the shows or applications that are being used are high quality programs.

Ways to educate little one for not addicted to gadget

So, what should Mom do to educate little one so he/she isn’t addicted to gadgets? Here are some ways that Morinaga Platinum already summarized it to help Mom limit little one gadget use.

  1. Set a free-gadget zone

    Mom could make rules with set a free-gadget zone at home like in the bedroom, at the dining table, or in the car.

  2. Restrict access

    For controlled gadget use, don’t let little one use a gadget by his/her own and teach little one to ask for permission first when he/she wants to borrow a gadget.

  3. Limit the time of use

    Set a duration of gadget use 1-2 hours a day for little one and teach little one to obey it. Also set the time when little one can play with gadget, for example when afternoon break or else.

  4. Teach little one the important of refrain

    Praise little one when he/she can hold his/herself for not playing with gadget and following the rule. A simple praise will make little one proud of him/herself and he/she will keep continuing to hold on to his/her progress.

  5. Give a good example

    Without Mom realizing, little one will imitate Mom’s habit. That is why, Mom should give a good example like reducing gadget use to little one and accompany him/her play.

Well, those are some things about gadget use for little one that Mom should know. Hope this information is helpful for Mom.