Body Weight Guide for Your Little One According to Age

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 November 2017

Body Weight Guide for Your Little One According to Age

Since your Little One is born, body growth is the most visible change that can be observed. Growth can be defined as increasing in size, number of cells and other body tissues so that physical size and body shape increase in part or as a whole. By measuring height, weight, and head circumference of your the Little One, Mommy can know about your Little One’s growth.

Ideal body weight is one of the optimal growth measures of your Little One. This is why Daddy and Mommy should always monitor the body weight change of your Little One. Two factors that influence body weight are age and sex of the Little One. Do you want to know more about body weight of the Little One in the first year of his life? Check out the reference below:

Age 0-3 months old

In the first week of the Little One's life, he/she will experience weight loss up to 10 percent of its birth weight. Mommy doesn't need to worry, this is normal. Your Little One’s body weight will increase again by the end of the first week. Weight will increase 150-190 gram per week until the age of 3 months old.

Age 4-6 months old

In this age period, the weight of the Little One increases by 90-127 grams every week. It will show signs of readiness to be given complementary food. World Health Organization recommends for complementary food of breast milk be introduced when the Little One turns to 6 months old.

Age 7-9 months old

In the early period of the introduction of complementary food, the weight of the Little One may decrease. This is not something to worry about because it is still in adjustment period. His/her weight will increase when it is getting used to solid foods, about 2-6 kg each month.

Age 10-12 months old

With the rapid growth of motor skills that makes your Little One to move more actively, the Little One's weight will not experience much increase. Approximately only about 1.5-3.6 kilograms each month. Make sure that Mommy gives the Little One a balanced diet to keep the his/her body weight within ideal number. 

Generally, the body weight of our Little One will increase  3 times the birth weight when he/she reaches 1 year old. The length of his body goes up to 50 percent of the length at birth and the circumference of his head increases about 10 cm. These are the growth indicators of a one-year-old child which is considered normal. However, each child grows at different speed, so make sure that Mommy does a periodic check-up to make sure that your Little One does not have growth disorders. 

By knowing the weight reference for the first year of life of your Little One, Mommy can do the things that are necessary so that the ideal body weight of your Little One can be met. Do not forget also to provide age-appropriate stimulation for optimal growth of your Little One.