Benefits of storytelling for 7 month old Fetus

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 3 January 2020

Benefits of storytelling for 7 month old Fetus

Did Mom know that the little one intelligence can be stimulated from pregnancy? One of the ways is with storytelling during pregnancy, especially when the fetus is inside the uterus is growing towards 7 months. Reading is not just as “window to the world” for pregnant Mom, reading books can make the fetus inside can be more concentrated and good for the fetus brain growth. Mom can choose a fairytale and read it out loud and once in a while having conversation and playing a role according to the fairytale story. The 7 month old fetus is able to hear Mom's story even though it is vague.

What other benefits from storytell when the 7 month old fetus is inside the uterus? Check it below.

  1. Stimulate the fetus growth

    Mom can try storytelling while communicating with the 7 month old fetus. If there is a reaction from the fetus, it means the fetus responding to Mom’s voice. Don’t forget to give a soft rub to Mom’s belly, and keep reading and enjoy the moment. This activity could be a bonding time for Mom and the baby.

  1. Giving the serenity to the fetus

    Listening to Mom’s voice and making the fetus feel that Mom is always there for the fetus will give him/her serenity. Moreover, when the 7 month old  fetus is still inside the uterus, the fetus can respond to all stimulation that Mom gave.

  1. Train the fetus’s senses

    Mom, during a 7 month pregnancy, the fetus growth reaches the step when the fetus five senses start to work properly. The fetus’ eyes will start winking, the hearing getting better even though still vague. And storytell for the fetus is a way to train the fetus hearing sense. Besides, according to research by Oregon University, reading a fairytale when a baby is still in the womb will make the baby easier to recognize sounds and words later.

  1. Make the fetus more sensitive

    As your little one gets older, his/her sensitivity will increase if Mom often do storytell when he/she was in the womb at the age of 7 month. Learning-induced Neural Plasticity of Speech Processing Before Birth research added that sensitivity will support another rows of positive character, like curiosity, confidence, critical, clever, initiative, explorative and having better emotional intelligence.

  1. Improve the fetus IQ development

    Storytelling to a 7 month old fetus turns out can activate the fetus nerves. A fairytale that Mom read for the fetus is similar to a workout inside the brain. With a lot of information that the fetus gets, the brain will be more active and increase the IQ.

  1. Educate the fetus brain

    When mom reads a fairytale to the fetus, Mom’s voice is like a radio wave sound that sends signal to the fetus. This will increase the fetus spiritual, intelectual, emotional intelligence, imaginative intelligence, and form a good mental endurance. Do this with full of sincerity, so the little one could feel Mom’s affection.

    Beside the fetus, Mom also could feel the benefits. Mom will feel more calm and comfortable during the pregnancy. When Mom feels more comfort, the baby’s heart rate gets low signify that he/she feels calm. Don’t forget to choose the story for the little one. Choose a freading material that educates the little one to become a better character. Happy trying, Mom.