Signs of Breastmilk Deficiency in Babies and Their Solution

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 29 August 2023

Signs of Breastmilk Deficiency in Babies and Their Solution

Seeing the little one’s body limp or even crying after breastfeeding usually worries Mom. Mom afraid that breast milk intake is not enough so it makes the little one uncomfortable even affect his/her health. But, before thinking nonsense, let’s get to know the signs of little one who has breast milk deficiency below!

  1. Body weight doesn’t gain
    Normally, the little one body weight who got enough breast milk will gain in the day 5 to 7 after he/she was born. But, when the body weight doesn’t gaining or tend to lose weight, Mom is required to be alert and consult right away to the doctor. This could happen maybe not just because breast milk deficiency, but also because poor quality of Mom’s breast milk.

  2. The little one feces swarthy
    One of the signs from little one who has breast milk deficiency is the feces and urine have dark colored like dark yellow or dark brown. Besides, the little one intensity of urination is quite rare signify lack of fluids to dehydration.

  3. Breast not shrink after breastfeeding
    The shape of the breast will adjust after Mom giving birth. Usually will change become bigger and tight because start to produce milk for the little one. That is why, after breastfeeding, Mom’s breast will shrink. If it doesn’t happen, it indicates that the little one doesn’t get enough milk. In some cases it’s often breast get swollen because the milk doesn’t come out maximally.

  4. The little one more fussy and limp
    Breast milk is the main food for 0-6 months old baby. So, if the little one doesn’t get enough milk, surely he/she will become fussier and limper. Lack of breast milk will also make the little easily fall asleep while breastfeeding.

  5. Little one dry mouth and eyes
    If the little one gets dehydrated because not getting enough milk, his/her mouth and eyes will look dried. The body organ performance disturbed, moreover because of underweight, it makes the little one more sensitive if losing fluids.

If Mom see those signs above in the little one, it’s best to immediately consult a doctor so it can be followed up before it’s too late. Breast milk deficiency could disturb the little one growth and development in the future and this is not thing that Mom could neglect. To make sure the little one get enough milk, pay attention to things below:

  1. Make sure Mom’s nipple get inside the little one’s mouth and he/she can suckling well.

  2. Monitor the body weight and the intensity of his/her defecation and urination. If necessary, count how many diapers the little one use everyday. Don’t forget to look out the color changing.

  3. Pay attention to the little one reaction while breastfeeding. Is he/she look anxious, fussy, calm or etc.

  4. During the breastfeeding, aware for tingling sensation that indicate breast milk is coming out smoothly and could fulfill the little one needs.

As the only one food that can be digested and taken by the little one in the early 6 months from his/her birth, breast milk role is very important to the little one. That is why, don’t let the little one having breast milk deficiency and always pay attention to the signs that little one gave.