Appropriate Learning Styles Will Boost the Achievements of the Child

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 June 2017

Appropriate Learning Styles Will Boost the Achievements of the Child

Recognizing and understanding the learning style of a child is very important. Parents may experience situations where the child does not understand a certain subject matter in school and immediately enroll them to join a private tuition. However, there is a possibility that the child does not want that. Not understanding a subject matter could occur due to an incorrect method of conveying the topic.

Therefore, it is important for parents to recognize the learning style of a child. Following that, parents can implement the correct learning methods and strategies for them. The appropriate implementation will increase the chances for successful learning.

So, how can parents identify what learning style is most suitable for the child? A simple method is to pay attention to how the child digests incoming information. Do they find it easier to absorb information by reading text or viewing images, listening to explanations from the teacher, or by direct practice? Another way to identify this is through psychological tests.

Several learning styles that parents should know are as follows:

Visual learning style

This learning style focuses on the absorption of information through vision. The child requires concrete evidence relating to the subject matter in order to understand it.

Its characteristics include:

  • Ease in recalling something they have seen, such as movements, colours, shapes, and sizes.
  • Enjoys observing the environment.
  • Possesses of good hand-eye coordination (fine motor).
  • Difficult to follow verbal instructions.
  • When receiving instructions to do something, they will see an example first prior to conducting it

Auditory learning style

This learning style relies on listening in order to understand and remember.

Its characteristics include:

  • More ease in absorbing information that is heard rather than seen or touched
  • Enjoys imitating sounds and easily recalls the sounds heard
  • Enjoys discussions and group work
  • Ease in remembering well the explanations provided in class

Kinesthetic learning style

The child absorbs information well using their sense of touch. He or she also enjoys using real objects as learning aids.

Its characteristics include:

  • Enjoys physical activity that allows them to keep moving
  • Enjoys gross motor activities, and wants to touch all the things around them
  • Learns to walk faster than to talk
  • Likes experiments

The learning styles of children differ from one another. Avoid forcing them to study with a learning style that does not suit them. Support the abilities of the child by giving them the freedom to learn something with their own style. To stimulate multiple intelligences, parents can also conduct other types of play activities using a Multiple Intelligence Play Plan (MIPP). Be sure to visit for further information regarding this.