Active Little One, is it the sign of brilliant kid?

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Active Little One, is it the sign of brilliant kid?

Has Mom feel overwhelmed to take care of the little one who actively moving around and cannot stay still? Keep calm and patient, Mom. This could be a sign that the little one is a brilliant kid.

An expert in child development from America, Prof. Howard Gardner, said that there is 8 + 1 categories of intelligence or multiple intelligences that every child has, which are linguistic intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, naturalistic intelligence, and moral intelligence. If the little one really like to run around, exercising, dancing, or skillful to move his/her body parts, it means he/she included in kinesthetic intelligence type. The little one who has this intelligence in general need a space to distribute his/her lots of energy compared to other kids. The little one will not stay still for a very long time, there are always some movements he/she will made, like stomping his/her feet, shaking his/her head, or whatever movements as long as he/she moves.

That’s why it’s important for Dad and Mom to understand the need of brilliant kid with kinesthetic intelligence. It could happen a misconception, Dad and Mom thought that the little one just being naughty then limit his/her spaces. Well, here are below some characteristics of brilliant kid with kinesthetic intelligence according to Brandi Roth, PhD., a psychologist and also a writer of Secrets to School Success: Guiding Your Child Through a Joyous Learning Experience, Beverly Hills America:

  1. Cannot stay still for a very long time
    The little one will feel anxious and uncomfortable when he/she cannot do anything. The little one maybe just stay still for a few seconds, then he/she will try to move his/her body even though it’s just a little movement.

  1. Expert to imitate other people's movement
    Kid with kinesthetic intelligence will learn fast with imitate movement that he/she sees. That is why, it will be easier for the little one to memorize all kinds of dances just by watching the video clip.

  2. Touch everything he/she sees
    Besides learning fast by imitating the movement, kid with kinesthetic intelligence also couldn’t hold him/herself to not touching and playing with everything he/she sees. It will be easier for the little one to learn new things by touching it directly. Because of that, toys like playdough or control cars are suitable for the little one.

  3. Showing interest in sports
    Even the little one is still toddlers, the little one is already shows the sign that he/she likes sports compared to other kids his/her age. The little one is more exciting to chase the ball, playing catch, and so forth. The little one body coordination are much more better and active.

If those indicators are in the little one, Dad and Mom need to give the right stimulation so the little one growth and development could be optimal. Some of the things Dad and Mom could do:

  1. Take the little to exercise often.

  2. Create a comfortable space at home so the little one can be free to do activities.

  3. Rather than scold the little one because he/she cannot be quiet, it will be better to teach them to not bother others.

  4. Give the compliment with touching, for example high-five or lift the little one up when he/she succeed doing something.

  5. Fulfill the little one nutrition because he/she needs a lot of energy to do the kinds of activity he/she likes.

So, now Dad and Mom already understand that the little who actively moving doesn’t mean he/she naughty, but in fact the little one have kinesthetic intelligence that need to be optimized.