7 habits that can make children smart

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

7 habits that can make children smart

Mom must want little one to grow to be a smart child and achiever so he/she can reach all of his/her dreams, right? That’s right Mom can't decide his/her future, but Mom could teach little one to become a smart child when he/she is a kid. Childhood is an important stage in little one intellectual development. In a child the first 1000 days of life is the stage when a little one’s brain develops fast. And whatever Mom taught him/her, it will affect his/her behaviour when he/she becomes an adult.

Here are some recommendations that Mom could do so little one can grow to be a smart child. Let’s see it Mom!

  1. Interacted and make little one feel loved

    Based on research by Ronald Ferguson, a researcher of Achievement Gap Initiative in Harvard University observe that children who don’t interact often with their parents can hold up their brain growth. The interactions are hugging, playing, staring their eyes and talking. Whatever signs of love that Mom gives to them can affect their brains so it will make them smarter.

  2. Read a book for little one

    Even though little one doesn’t understand the words yet, start reading a book to him/her. With that, little one will know a lot of words and his/her language skill will improve. Reading a book is one of important activity if Mom wants a little one to become a smart child.

  3. Let little one listening to the music

    Singing or listening to music is always a fun activity for all people and no exception for children too. In fact, music stimulation could also increase little one’s brain performance. According to a research by E. Glenn Schellenberg, from University of Toronto said that music can improve memory, attention, motivation, and children interest to learn. Beside that, music could also free little one from stress because it is fun.

  4. Limit the TV shows for little one

    If possible, avoid watching TV before little one entering the age of two. Letting little one watch TV too much can make him/her stay away from other important activities like socializing, playing and reading books.

  5. “You can do it, Dear!”

    Encourage little one to be able to do many things. With saying “You can do it, Dear!” can add his/her spirit to do something. For example, when little one falls down, Mom can say “You can stand up by yourself, Dear”, and he/she will try to stand up by him/herself without any Mom’s help. If Mom feels that little one can finish a difficult task, give him/her a compliment or a present as a sign of appreciation because little one is able to conquer him/herself.

  6. Give little one compliment for the task he/she does

    A compliment is little one’s right because he/she already did hard work. Mom’s compliment will help little one motivate him/herself to keep doing the same thing and to prove that what he/she’s doing is right. Mom doesn’t need to be exaggerated in complementing little one.

Well, those are the tips about how to educate little one so he/she can grow to be a smart child. Every parent must want their child to grow and develop as they expected. So, don’t give up raising a smart little one. You can do it, Mom!