6 Ways to Easily Make a Baby Laugh

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 20 July 2023

6 Ways to Easily Make a Baby Laugh

Hearing sound of a baby's laugh is addictive and contagious. The atmosphere will be happier when Dad and Mom succeed in making the little one laugh. In fact, the little one’s laughter can make other people smile when they see it. Dad and Mom are thinking hard, what’s funny that makes the little one laugh out loud? Even just seeing Dad and Mom sneezing, the little one laugh without stopping. The little one’s laughter is not just entertaining for us, but it is also good for his/her growth and development.

A book writer Kids Who Laugh, Franzini, PhD, said that the little one laugh ability is one of the important things from child development. Laughing is one of the little one’s ways to alleviate stress, enhance a sense of humor, learn about problem solving, and sharpen his/her social skills when he/she grows up. When Dad and Mom try to make the little one laugh, Mom already supports a skill that you do it happily.

Then, what are parenting tips about how to make the little one laugh out loud? Here Morinaga Platinum has summarized it.

  1. Singing funny songs

    The little one is always waiting for something new including cheerful songs that Mom sings. Jill Stamm, PhD, a book writer of Bright From the Start suggests singing children songs while staring his/her eyes. The little one will focus on Mom’s eyes, following Mom’s singing, and tingling because of Mom’s voice.

  1. Bite the little one gently

    Stick Mom’s lips to the little one skin surface while teasing him/her. The ticklish and Mom’s expression will make the little one laugh easily.

  1. Make a weird sound and funny face

    Make a weird face as possible. Stick out Mom’s tongue, eyes up, grinned mouth while making a weird sound at the same time. Seeing Mom’s weird face will make the little one laugh. A baby is always happy to receive something new and funny so it leads to smiling and laughing, said Paul E. McGhee, PhD, a psychologist and writer of Understanding and Promoting the Development of Children's Humor.

  1. “Peek-a-boo!”

    The little one likes the element of surprise. Make the little one surprise with appears from behind pillow or blanket while saying “Peek-a-boo!”. To make a happier atmosphere, Mom can use an animal mask so the little one will be surprised and likes the game.

  1. Tickling the little one

    This tip is suitable to make a 3-4 months baby laugh. Usually , a baby laugh is triggered by the stimulus that Mom’s given. Parts of the baby's body that ticklish are feet, stomach, and armpit.

  1. Blowing raspberries on the little one’s stomach

    Collect all the air in Mom’s mouth then blow it while sticking it to the baby's stomach. This stimulus will make the little one feel ticklish and definitely laughing out loud. This activity can become a strong bonding time between Mom and the little one. Not to mention the baby's soft skin makes Mom always want to stroke and hold it.

    Making a baby laugh is one of the parts of child parenting. Same with other basic activities, laughing can support the little one cognitive skill development, social skill, and emotional skill. Laughing is good for the little one’s health. So, make the little one laugh for his/her growth and development, Mom!