5 Ways to Avoid Stress for Your Kids

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 April 2017

5 Ways to Avoid Stress for Your Kids

Stress is a common problem for adulthood, but do you know that your children has similar risk of developing stress? Stress among children can be grouped according to your children’s age group, or even since the baby is still developing in the womb. If the mother suffers from stress, the baby can feel it too. The baby’s heartbeat become irregular and disturbing its blood circulation and oxygen supply.

As you children grow older, there are some risk factors that might cause your children to suffer from stress:

  • Packed schedule
  • Lack of sleep
  • Family issue

Prevention is better than cure. Stress among children can be prevented. Apply these steps to prevent stress among children:

  • Spend your time with your children. As parents, you can ask your children about their activity during the day. Ask your children’s opinion about his daily activity. Does he like his activity or not.
  • Discuss about house rule. To make your house feel comfortable, everybody must obey to a common house rule. This house rule would include consequences that have to be endured if the rule is broken.
  • Open to better communication. If your children make a mistake, don’t blame him or judge him instantly. Try to always communicate with your children first, and find the reason why he do the things he did.
  • Help your children to relax, deep inhalation, think positive or put his feeling into a diary.
  • Give your children some space. Let your children has some authority over his decision. For example, choosing his extracurricular activity or any extra course. Let him do his hobby and enjoy his leisure time.

If the above preventive measure has been done, but stress inevitably occur, you need to be cautious with the signs of stress which include:

  • Your children looked sour
  • Your children looked irritable, get angry easily, crying easily and easily offended
  • Mood fluctuation
  • Loss interest in interesting stuff that he usually enjoys
  • Refuse to go to school
  • Loss of self- confidence
  • Refuse to hang out with his friends
  • Lack of concentration
  • Declining school achievement
  • Complain about some medical issue like headache, abdominal pain, but he is indeed healthy.

If your children show some significant sign of stress, you can bring your children to a pediatric psychiatrist. This psychiatrist would perform a thorough examination and give some suggestion to help you children reducing his stress. Some approaches that can be done include: cognitive and behavioral therapy, or family therapy. By becoming a good listener, you can understand your children’s need so he can get some solution to his problem. Eventually, he can grow and develop optimally.