5 Toys to stimulate 3 months old baby

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 3 January 2020

5 Toys to stimulate 3 months old baby

It’s important to chat and play with baby often. Those will enhance connection between baby and Dad and Mom. Chat and play with baby also could be medium to give baby stimulation. If Moms often to have a conversation with the Little One that also could increase the Little One Language and Social skills. Moreover, playing with the Little One is really has a huge influence in the Little One fine motor skills and gross motor skills development. That is why, Dad and Mom should selectively choosing the Little One toys, because it has an important role to enhance the Little One growth and development.

Thing that Dad and Mom should know before choosing toys for 3 months old baby is his/her growth and development. Here are some of the 3 months old baby growth and development:

  • Baby can prone.

  • Their eyes can respond things and lights around them.

  • Hands and upper limbs movement are more active. Baby can move his/her fingers and gripping things and also put it inside his/her mouth.

  • Baby start to recognize his/her Dad and Mom voices.

Then, what kind of toys that fit for stimulating 3 months old baby? Here the summaries for Moms.

3 months old baby kind of toys

  1. Baby playmat and play gym
    Playmat is a mat that specially design for baby play arena. Usually it is equipped with a play gym too. Playmat and play gym can stimulate baby to explore environment.

    A bright color mat will encourage baby to roll over, touch, and feel the mat texture. And the play gym can give baby the  stimulation to learn hearing sounds, seeing bright colors, and touching toys that hanging at play gym.

  2. Rattle
    As we know that 3 months old baby already begin to do gripping, Dads and Moms could buy a rattle. Make sure to choose a light and safe matter for the baby. So when the baby grip it or try to put it on his/her mouth it doesn’t harm his/her. This toy could give stimulation to the baby for his/her to learn about cause and effect. When the baby grip the toy and move it, it will sound.

  3. Toy with mirror
    Toy that similar with mirror that cannot break. With this toy, baby can see his/her reflection that also can stimulate baby to increase his/her focus. It’s often when baby see his/her reflection in the mirror toy, as if he/she “having conversation” with the toy with come out words like “ah-uh-eh”. This toy could give stimulate the baby’s language and social growth.

  4. Teether
    3 months old babies love to reach things around them and immediately put it in their mouth. Well that’s how 3 months old baby acted. That’s why teether is suitable for 3 months old babies because it gives stimulation so babies could learn how to grip. Beside that, teether can stimulate baby’s teeth growth.

  5. Books
    That’s true baby can’t read yet, but baby like to see bright pictures. It’s best for Moms to read story to them, why? Moms voice could give stimulate to increase baby language skills, speech, and hearing. Babies will also feel happy when Moms read story for them. What’s important is Moms should choose the book material that not easy to tear or damage, for example fabric material.

So, what Moms gonna buy first for the Little One? But, don’t just buy the toy and let the Little one play it by themselves, Moms. Dad and Mom presence when the Little One play also really important, this will improve the toys benefits to optimize the Little One stimulation.