5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Child's Intelligence Early on.

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 20 July 2023

5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Child's Intelligence Early on.

Seeing little one grow healthy and become a smart child is every parent's hope. According to psychiatry expert from Utrecht University Medical, Netherlands, generally, a smart parent will produce a smart child too, however, it’s not absolute. Mom can make some efforts to increase little one intelligence. Like parenting and right nutrients.

Now, let's search it deeper, what does Mom can do to increase little one’s intelligence.

Tips to increase child intelligence

1. Fulfill little one biological needs
Nutrition is a factor that supports a child’s growth and development, physically and mentally including their intelligence. Mom has to make sure, food and drink that little one consumes is healthy and balanced. Not only that, children immunization must be completed according to their stage of age. When little one gets sick,  Mom also has to make sure little one gets the right medicine and on the right hand.

2. Right stimulation
Stimulation repeatedly is needed to support little one to become a smart child. Actually, this stimulation is not just given to little one when they were born, but also when in the womb, Mom can give the stimulation. It is just, in the golden age period is a period when little one’s brain is growing rapidly, so in this period, little one needs more stimulation to support their intelligence. But, make sure the stimulation that Mom gives has to be suitable for their age.

3. Love and affection
Turns out love and affection can increase little one’s intelligence. A professor from California University, Allan Schore confirmed that little one brain development is a result from interaction between children with their primary caregiver (usually Mom). The development of little one’s brain circuits depends on these interactions.

Mom can interact as often as possible and try to do eye contact. Mom has a job to dig little one potential because every child has different potential even with their siblings. No less important, it will be better that Mom doesn’t compare little one’s intelligence with other children. Little one is a unique personal and different from other kids.

4. Sports
Who said only adults need sports? Little one also need a regular sport. Mom can take little one to do a light sport and fun, for example walking in the park, cycling or swimming.

With regular exercise, little one  will be more focused on doing things. Besides, exercise also makes little one happier, increases their memories and avoids brain degeneration. For that, Mom can make little one get used so they will like physical activity.

5. Sleep on time
Getting enough sleep will create a smart child. Sleeping is a stimulus to help maximize brain growth and development. When sleeping, there is a growth hormone that produces to heal the body, fix the cells, build the muscles and other supported tissues.

If the little one has a nap time habit, it’s a good thing, Mom. However, don’t sleep too long, because a night sleep is more helpful to increase thinking function in little one. This is strengthened with research conducted by Maryland University, America. So, start from now, Mom has to pay attention to little one sleep hours. Make sure their sleep is enough and qualified.

With tips above, Mom can help little one to become a smart child. Although it looks insignificant, it turns out it has a great impact on little one’s intelligence. Don’t get tired accompanying little one during their growth and development period, okay Mom.