5 things Mom could do for children to get smart at an early age

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 January 2020

5 things Mom could do for children to get smart at an early age

5 things Mom could do for children to get smart at an early age

Does Mom know for a child to be smart it’s not just because of the nutrition, but also stimulation and parenting. However, the important is Dad and Mom understanding about the fact that every child is born clever with his/her own intelligence and talent. Parent’s job is to enhance the intelligence potential that the little one has. So, the following are parenting tips to make a smart little one.

Build an emotional attachment with the little one

Emotional closeness between parent and their child is a basic parenting way to a smart child. Connected emotions since a baby could make the little one feel comfortable and confidence. A baby could understand emotions and expression of his/her parent by what he/she see and feel through the touch. That is why even the little one is still a baby, parents should express a positive expression to the little one. Do a physical contact often and always have an eye contact when interacting with the little one even he/she cannot talk yet.

Give a space to explore

Don’t be afraid with a messy house, Mom. Let the little one explores with the world around him/her. According to health and child psychology expert, exploration is a part of positive stimulation. Letting the little one free to explore since a baby will maximize his/her growth and development potential. So, Mom no need to worry and limit the little one exploration space, what’re important are to make sure the little one exploration area should be safe and clean,

Praise effectively

Praise is not always has a positive impact for making an intelligence child, Mom. Over-praised and not in the right portion turns to give a negative impact to the little one emotional quotient, such as incapable in facing failure even become arrogant. Therefore, praise effectively.

According to Jessica Alexander dan Iben Sandahl, the writer of The Danish Way of Parenting, praise the little one process in doing something or the task rather than the result. This will make the little one’s mindset that he/she could develop his/her abilities and skills with hard work. Praise that oriented in process also will develop the little one toughness and motivation in him/herself.

Different things will happen when Dad and Mom praising on the result, the little one tends to oriented on the result to get what he/she wants whatever it takes.

Fulfil the little one nutrition

Smart kid needs complete and qualified nutrition intake everyday. When the little one is a baby, it’s true that the main source of his/her nutrition is breast milk, after that Mom could give the little one growth milk with a complete nutrition, because the nutrients from food are not enough. Mom could give Morinaga Platinum MoriCare Zigma with Triple Bifidus that contains nutrition synergy to support the little one Multitalent Intelligence, Double Body Defense and Optimal growth and development factor, so the little one could grow to become a Multitalent Smart Kid.

Give the right stimulation

Every child has his/her own intelligence and talent, that is why as parents, Dad and Mom should immediately know the little one potentials so you could give the right stimulation in order to the little one grow to become a smart kid. Mom could try Morinaga Mmi Play Plan (MIPP) tools to find out the little one talent and the proper stimulation so his/her talent honed.

So, Is Mom ready to educate and nurture the little on to become a smart kid match with his/her talent and intelligence potential?