5 Simple Games to Sharpen Your Little One's Intelligence

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 10 July 2023

5 Simple Games to Sharpen Your Little One's Intelligence

Sharpening the intelligence of the Little One is not always have to be done by studying seriously. Playing activities can also develop the creativity of the brain and sharpen the intelligence of the Little One. Involving the whole family members in the playing process, in addition to sharpening the intelligence, playing will make the relationship between family members to be more harmonious.

Here are some simple games available on Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. This game will train the Little One’s Intelligence. Mommy can print and try to play these games at home with the whole family members:

Snakes and ladders

The stimulation that occurs when playing is by introducing the concept of counting numbers and inviting the Little One in learning to translate the images.

Moving game based on a rolled dice

Spatial visual intelligence can be trained by Mommy, by means of training him/her to move the pawn according to the correct direction. Mean while, stepping according to the number of steps determined by the dice will sharpen the intelligence of logical mathematical.

Puzzle maze

Drawing a line to try to get a cartoon character out of a maze will train the Little One's hand. It can also teach him/her about directions. This is related to spatial visual intelligence. Not only that, this game also sharpens the logical thinking of the Little One.

Coloring the playing sheet

On the Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan site there are various playlists that Mommy can print. Afterwards, Mommy can guide the Little One while he/she is doing the activities. The activities can start froma simple coloring to tracing matching animals and their food sources.

Prepare a puzzle

Puzzles can be a fun family game. This game will train focus and problem-solving skills. Start with a puzzle of small pieces and increase according to the ability of the Little One.

What do you think, Mommy? Apparently playing not only makes the Little One to relax but also can help his/her ability and intelligence. Make sure your child gets the right stimulation to grow optimally.