5 Music Benefits For Your Little One’s Growth And Development

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

5 Music Benefits For Your Little One’s Growth And Development

Who does not like listening to music? This applies also to the Little One. Mommy surely often uses music to calm the Little One. Not only music gives the entertaining effect, music has a myriad of benefits for the growth and development of the Little One. Are you curious of what are the benefits? Let's see the following explanation.

Music supports the physical growth and brain development

A group of doctors at the Tel Aviv Sour ask Medical Center found that premature babies who listened to Mozart classical music stimulation experienced more weight gain than those who did not. This is because classical music makes the baby feel more comfortable that the baby sleeps more sound.

The process of physical growth and brain development of the Little One reaches its peak when he/she is sleeping soundly. Music can help the Little One sleeps better and quieter.

Music teaches the Little One new things

Listening or playing a musical instrument helps activate and develop areas of the brain involved in language, math, and logic skills, as well as spatial visual abilities. When the Little One starts actively making a sound, Mommy can teach her/him to sing. This will make him/her learn new vocabularies and pronunciations.

Music increases concentration

Music can calm the Little One, this means it can help improve concentration. Learning to play a musical instrument will train the Little One to be able to focus on doing an activity in a certain period. Surely this will have a positive impact as he/she studies in school.

Music improves the work of the brain, memory, and ability to think

Music stimulates the development of synapses or connections between brain cells. Music can increase the number of synapses and activities of both hemispheres so that the work of the brain becomes faster and creative. This is because when the Little One is active in music, the brain is trained for multi-tasking. When it happens, many areas of the brain, especially the visual, auditory, and motor areas, the left and right, will be activated by the stimulation of music.

Music boosts self-esteem

Error in playing the tone in music can still sound beautiful. This will make the Little One is not afraid to try and dare to take risks. The positive support of the music teacher as well as Daddy and Mommy as the Little One learns music will also foster his/her pride and confidence. If the Little One has the opportunity to perform in public, this will make him/her learn to overcome the nervousness of appearing in public.

Early music education is best done through playing activities. This is a way that most closely matches the stage of development of the Little One. Mommy can introduce formal musical education when the Little One is 5 years old. At that age when the Little One has better concentration ability.

No need to be a music expert to teach music to the Little One. Mommy only needs to introduce the Little One with the appropriate music as often as possible. Actually, activities that can stimulate musical intelligence are not just singing, Mommy. Discover the creative ideas of musical games that can stimulate your Little One at Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. On the site, it is also available the facility for the identification of multiple intelligences. So that Mommy can find out what multiple intelligences are dominant that the Little One has. It is important that the stimulation is done on target so that the growth and development of the Little One can be optimal.