5 Efforts to Maximize Your Little One's Height Growth

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 November 2017

5 Efforts to Maximize Your Little One's Height Growth

Every Daddy’s and Mommy’s hope, is of course, for the process of growth and development of the Little One to be optimal. Not infrequently, Daddy and Mommy become worried when the achievement of growth of the Little One is not as fast as the friends of his or her age.

Short stature is a term used for people whose height is below average when compared to the height of the people in the same age group. Until now, there is no certain way that can be proven accurate to estimate a person's height during adulthood. However, there are several formulas that can be used to estimate the growth of the Little One, one of which is:

  • Add the height of Daddy in centimeters to Mommy’s
  • Then, for boys add 13 centimeters and vice versa, reduce 13 centimeters for girls
  • Then divide the result obtained by two

Most children will reach their adult height with a height range = the above numerical results, plus or minus 8.5 cm.

Daddy and Mommy surely would not want the growth of the Little One to be disturbed. Then, Daddy and Mommy should know what are the factors that can hamper its growth, please see the points below:

  • Carbohydrates. Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can trigger a spike in body insulin. This can result in decreased production of growth hormone.
  • Genetics. The growth of your Little One can be affected by certain conditions in the thyroid or other genetic disorders.
  • Lack of sleep. While sleeping, the body produces growth hormone. This is why, for optimal growth, the Little One should get enough rest.
  • Cigarettes. Children, as passive smokers, will experience an increase in carbon monoxide levels in their blood. This can lower the oxygen levels that are important for growth.

What steps should be taken so that the Little One can achieve a healthy and optimalweight and height? Get your Little One to be used to living a healthy lifestyle as follows:

Rest enough, the body will be healthy

Create a rest break for your Little One. Try to get 10-12 hours of sleep each night for optimal growth process. Get your Little One to rest at noon.

Notice the daily protein intake

The results of a study published by The Journal of Nutrition showed that the children who get a daily intake of protein-rich foods have a significant high increase in height compared to the children who only consume less protein.

Mommy can provide your Little One, protein-rich foods such as fish or lean meat as well as milk containing whey protein (a complete protein comprised of essential and non-essential amino acids).

Routine exercise

Sports, when done regularly will improve the appetite of your Little One. Physical activity will keep your baby growing at a consistent rate and avoid the risk of obesity.

Do not underestimate micronutrients

According to The Journal of Nutrition, although the results of research on these ingredients when given alone are not yet consistent, the administration of calcium, iron, and vitamin A when combined with proteins can be beneficial to the growth of your Little One.

Now, Mommy can easily choose the source of micronutrients. Give the Little One, the milk that has been fortified with calcium and also vitamin D. Calcium is one component that helps maintain bone and teeth density. While vitamin D is needed for the absorption of calcium can be done by the body maximally.

Perform periodic checks

To ensure your Little One's growth is consistent with the reference, take him or her regularly to the doctor. This is the first step in detecting growth problems. Likewise if Mommy suspects any growth abnormality is occurring, immediately take your Little One to the doctor to get immediate treatment.

Mommy would want the Little One to grow and develop optimally to reach its maximum potential. Provide adequate nutrition so that the growth and development process can go as expected.