5 Cough Symptoms in Your Little One That Mommy Must Be Careful of

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 April 2017

5 Cough Symptoms in Your Little One That Mommy Must Be Careful of

Your Little One’s immature immune system causes him to be susceptible to various infections, including airway infections that often cause coughing as a symptom. Coughing itself is a body reflex in protecting the lungs that occurs when the nerve endings of the airways are irritated by something, such as mucus. The cause of coughing in the Little One varies, among others:

  • Asthma
  • Pneumonia; an infection that triggers swelling of the air sacs in the respiratory tract, this air sac is then filled with fluid
  • Bronchiolitis; airway infection that causes inflammation and small airway obstruction in the lungs. Generally experienced by the Little One of two years old age and under.
  • Pertussis; whooping cough is characterized by a severe cough accompanied by high-pitched breathing sounds.

Although coughing can generally heal on its own without drugs, it does not mean that Mommy can consider it trivial. Coughing, especially those with shortness of breath, can be related to more serious diseases. What are the symptoms of coughing on the Little One that must raise Mommy’s awareness? Here are some of them:

  • Cough accompanied by shortness of breath. Your Little One looks hard to breathe, usually marked by an increase in the amount of breath
  • Other voices are heard when breathing, such as snoring or high-pitched wheezing
  • Your Little One looks limp
  • Muscle movements in the neck and chest are evident when your Little One breathes. This indicates he/she is trying to exhale excessively
  • Your Little One's skin looks blue, especially in the lips and the tips of the fingers and feet

Get to know the danger signs of coughing on the Little One who is still a baby by counting his/her breath when he coughs for 60 seconds. For the Little One whose age is less than 2 months, the limit of his/her respiratory rate is 60 times per minute. While for the Little One aged 2-11 months, the limit is 50 times per minute. Whereas the Little One aged 1-5 years, should not exceed 40 times per minute. Calculate this breathing movement when your Little One is sleeping and do it three times a day, morning, afternoon and night.

Well, now Mommy can be aware of the danger signs when your Little One coughs. Early detection is very important so that your Little One is not late to be managed. When coughing does not stop, the symptoms above appear, and rapid breathing movements exceed the maximum limit for his/her, do not delay taking your child to the doctor.