5 basic exercise move for 7 months of pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 14 November 2019

5 basic exercise move for 7 months of pregnancy

If Mom’s pregnancy is entering 7 months, exercise regularly is really recommended because it’s considered to be beneficial in maintaining a healthy body. Generally, at this pregnancy age which is approaching the time of birth, Mom's physical condition is gradually decreasing. Especially, the baby’s weight inside the womb is getting heavier so it quite disturbs your daily activities. For that, Mom must concentrate more on body fitness, especially at the age of 7 months. Mom is highly recommended to continue to do some numbers of light physical activities.

Besides that, Mom also needs to be able to control your weight gain and be able to deal with various complaints that are usually experienced by mothers who are pregnant such as insomnia, swelling, and also the risk of diabetes.

Exercise Movements for 7 months pregnant Mom

1. Sit down

Mom can sit down straight and try to make it as comfortable as possible. Then, spread both of your feet wide in accordance with your ability, but your back should be upright. Later on, Mom can lean forward by dropping your arms forward. Then, hold the position for a few seconds.

2. Sleeping Position

Beside the sitting position, there is a movement that Mom can be in with sleeping position. For this movement, Mom has to provide a chair as a device to help you. Mom can take a supine position, lift your legs and put it down a chair, while keeping your back on the floors. What movement Mom should do is lift your buttocks with both of your elbows as a support. Mom is suggested to do this 8 times a day.

3. Chest Muscle

On the other side, Mom also needs to train body muscles including chest muscle. This could give additional strength for your heart and lungs. It’s easy to do, just prepare 2 bottles full of water. Mom can use that simple equipment as barbells. Later on, Mom can do a movement like lifting barbells for 5-10 times every movement.

4. Flexing

For 7 months pregnant Mom, this movement serves to train the flexibility of the body. These gymnastic movements can be done using a soft dining chair. Mom just needs to sit down in that chair and put your both hands on your waist. Then, straight one of your legs and bend your feet inward next hold for about 5 seconds.

5. Cooling Down

For this movement, Mom can do it by sitting relaxed on the sofa. Mom just needs to lean on the couch and hold your balance with your back in the straight position. Then, bring the two soles of your feet into a cross-legged position. Then, hold that position for about 8 counts.

Prohibited things when at 7 months of pregnancy

Doing exercise at 7 months of pregnancy surely could make Mom’s body more fit, but Mom also suggested not doing some of the activities that could harm and endanger Mom’s pregnancy. If Mom is driving a vehicle, especially a motorcycle, some obstetricians suggest to be more careful especially when driving through a rough road. In fact, when the age of pregnancy is old, it’s recommended not to be alone in driving a vehicle, especially motorcycles, because it can endanger your pregnancy.

After knowing the movement of exercise for 7 months of pregnancy, you are advised to always consult your obstetrician, so you can always monitor the condition of the womb and always take care of your fetus's health. Always be healthy, Mom.