4 Creative Strategiesto Make Your Little One To Take A Medicine

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 February 2017

4 Creative Strategiesto Make Your Little One To Take A Medicine

It's hard to persuade the Little One to take medicine, even though the medicine is in the form of syrup with a variety of fruit flavors. The reason why your Little One is difficult cooperating to take a medicine is usually because the taste and aroma of the medicine is not good, and your Little One is being fussy because he/she is not feeling healthy. His/her behavior also varies; some closed their mouths tightly, denied a spoon of medicine, or vomiting when Mommy tries fed him/her. Such a trouble!

Calm down, Mommy, here are some tips so that your Little One is wiling to take his/her medication when he/she is sick:

Give your Little One some ice to eat before taking the medicine

Eating ice cubes before taking medication will 'kill' the taste buds on the tongue for several minutes. There for, the Little One will not feel the taste of the medicine. Give your Little One small ice cubes and this tip should be done for the Little One over 2 years, to avoid the risk of choking.

Give it directly to the inner mouth

According to many parents, this is the best way. The sense of taste on the tongue is located on the front and center of the tongue. In order that the Little One does not feel the sweet or bitter taste of the medicine, ask him/her to open his/her mouth, drop the medicine using a pipette or syringe (syringe) to the sidelines between the gums and cheeks. It is guaranteed that the medicine will not be felt. Avoid dripping the medicine too deep so as not to cause choking.

Give medicine in cold temperatures

Mommy can give syrup medicine in cold temperature. Store the medicine in the bottom of the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then give it to the Little One. Well, because the kids like the cold sensation, he/she certainly will not refuse the medicine like he/she used to. Avoid storage of medicine in the freezer as it may damage the substances contained in the medicine.

Hide the medicine in food or drink

If there is no other way, then this option can be done. In some medications, interacting with certain foods or drinks may interfere with their effectiveness. If Mommy wants to go this way, mix it into a porridge or fruit juice that tastes quite striking so that the Little One does not feel the taste of the medicine. However, you should first consult this strategy with your doctor or pharmacist to avoid unwanted drug interactions.

Apparently, there are many creative ideas that Mommy can do to persuade your Little One to take medicine. Hopefully the tips above are useful!