3 Guide tips to educate little one

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 22 January 2020

3 Guide tips to educate little one

Being a parent in this era has a different challenge from the previous generation. Faster digital technology influence has an important role in providing information about parenting and how to educate children right now. Not just that, parents have to face Generation Alpha (children whose born from 2010-2025) characteristics that are closer with everything with digital and instant.

In the line with that, a discovery was disclosed by a research institute and communication professional in Australia, McCrindle, said about some of Generation Alpha children characteristics, which are: familiar with technology and internet or called digital native, get complete facilities, include in the most educated generation category, limited verbal communication skill, and poorly develop.

So, to deal with Generation Alpha and also the challenge in the next year, Morinaga Platinum already summarized some of guide to educate children that Dad and Mom can apply:

1. Limit the use of gadgets and more quality time with little one.
Don’t be surprised when you see Generation Alpha children are often to look at handphone screens rather than to interact with people around them. If we let it be like that, little one will grow to become a passive person and tend to be antisocial. Mom must doesn’t want that to happen, right? Because of it, Dad and Mom must be smart to set the limitation rule about using gadgets at home. But, it’s not enough to just limit it, also create fun activities to do together. Therefore, little one can be more active and communicate well. 

2. Open with new parenting trend
Parenting differences look clear especially if Mom still lives with your parents. Various myths about how to educate children to little one’s complementary feeding is always becoming a debate. In the middle of information blast on the internet, Mom can know more and understand more not just in one perspective, but also can consider a lot of aspects. Consultation sessions with a pediatrician can be easier without needing to do it face to face. But don’t let this simplicity become a trigger of a quarrel between  Mom and your parents. Make grandmother become a partner in parenting. If there are things that Mom feels contradicting with Mom’s parenting, try to tell her slowly and nicely so there is no misunderstanding.

3. Increasing little one’s power of struggle and social earlier
Generation Alpha children get used to getting something instant and fast. In addition, they overflowed with all complete facilities and sophisticated technology that make them lazy to get to know about something more. Not just that, they tend to not care about the environment around them which makes their social skills decrease. That is why, the ways to educate and parent’s way of parenting really determine little one’s personalities in the future. Early on, train little one to get things with their own effort, without internet help and technology. And, set the schedule at least once a week to playdate with their friends.

Today, there are at least 2.5 million Generation Alpha children that are born to this world every week. In the year of 2025, it’s predicted that around 2 billion children will fulfill this universe. Because of that, is Mom ready to educate little one and welcome the new challenge in the next new year?