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These Are 3 Indications That Your Baby Is Ready To Sit

Morinaga Platinum - 14 September 2016

Every baby has a different development progress, so age can’t be considered as the benchmark in every development process, so as their ability to sit. Generally, babies are able to sit at the age of 4-8 months, but some of them may be able to sit early and some may be late. This is why some Mommies are often confused when is the best time to teach the babies how to sit. Well, through the following explanation, Moms could understand some indications when babies are ready to sit.

The Ability to Lift Their Head

The babies’ first significant development is their ability to lift their head. This stage indicates that their muscle and neck bone are perfectly shaped and functioning well. However, don’t rush to make your babies to sit, because this is only one of several signs when the babies are ready to sit.

The Ability to Control Their Body

Another sign that indicates your babies are ready to sit is when they are able to control their body, such as the ability to lay on their back from the prone position and vice versa.

The Ability to Grasp on to Something

Moms, when you realize that your babies have been able to hold an object, this is a sign that their motor has worked well. If their fine motor has worked well, babies will be able to support their body to a sitting position.

Moms, the above explanations may be the signs that babies are ready to sit. Even so, it is advised that you do not force the babies to sit. Let them sit on their own. However, if they are old enough to sit but haven’t shown any signs to do so, Moms could give them some stimulation, such as let them lay on their stomach for a longer time or lea

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