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The Proper Treatments for Newborn Babies

Morinaga Platinum - 14 September 2016

If Moms just begin the role as a parent, you must have various questions on how to take care of the babies. Taking care of babies is definitely not an easy task. If this is your first time, Moms should start to learn about some ways of taking care of the babies’ body hygiene.


Every 3 seconds, newborns will tear up because when they are in the womb, they have never cried. So, their tears will flow into the tears canal at the tip of the eyes and near the nose. Babies’ tears will kill germs for the first few minutes, but after a few minutes, the tears will actually turn into the germs’ food. Therefore, Moms need to gently massage the corner area of their eyes and going down towards the nose. This is to open the canal of their tears.


Every newborn usually has a cradle crap or crust on the scalp caused by air pollution and dust. Moms could gently massage some baby oil on their scalp. As for the scalp treatment, Moms should ensure that the scalp is dry as the crust will get worse if they have sweat on the scalp.

Umbilical Cord

Generally, the umbilical cord will break about 1 to 2 weeks after birth. During this time, if the umbilical cord is not broken yet, Moms should keep it from dirt, because this part is very susceptible to infection. So, clean the umbilical cord with boiled water and make sure that it stays dry. If the umbilical cord gets wet, Moms could use some tissues and sterile gauzes to wipe it dry.


The babies’ skin should be kept moist at all times to avoid from dryness. Moms could put on some baby oil to keep their skin smooth, soft, and unscratched. While to treat the prickly heat, Moms could just put on some baby powder on their skin.

Ears and Nose

If there is any fluid or dirt coming out of the babies’ ears or nose, Moms should clean them carefully. Avoid using cotton buds, a small rolled tissue, or even using your finger, as it can push the dirt further inside, making it more difficult to be cleaned.


The milk deposition on the babies’ tongue doesn’t need to be cleaned as it can hurt the tongue. After they reach the age of 3 months, the milk deposition will slowly disappear by itself, Moms.


The newborn’s nails tend to be very sensitive. Therefore, Moms should be extra careful when cutting their nails, don’t let the skin to get cut as well. After cutting their nails, don’t forget to buff them, Moms. Or else, their sharp nails can scratch the other body parts, as they will use their hands to touch anything, including the face.


Wet diapers can cause various irritations on the buttocks. A diaper that is wet by urine or feces can cause the babies’ buttocks to itch and irritated. To prevent this, Moms should make sure that the area around the buttocks stays dry and clean. If this doesn’t work, then Moms need to reduce the use of diapers. Try to use it only on travel or while sleeping at night.

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