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The Influence of Environmental Factors for Children’s Development

Morinaga Platinum - 24 January 2019

Genetic factors still rank first in children’s development but environmental factors (or stimulation) also have a role that is not less important. Environmental factors have influences children’s development process since they are still in the womb. If they are exposed to diseases or harmful substances, such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or infections, it is feared that the fetus will grow abnormally.

The importance of environmental factors in the process of development is also supported by several studies which found that children of the same offspring – but raised in different ways – have different levels of intelligence and academic performance.

Children’s brain consists of a hundred billion nerve cells, which will form synapses (connections between nerve cells). The more synapses are formed, the smarter the children will become. These synapses will be formed if the children receive sufficient stimulation from the environment.

Two supporting factors for children’s development process are nutrition and stimulation. Moms and Dads should fulfill their nutritional needs by providing them with a balanced menu every day. With good nutrition, children will be ready to learn from the environment. Malnourished children will easily get tired and sick and difficult to concentrate.

The initial stimulation that Moms and Dads could do is by showing them some affection. Children who grow in an environment full of affection will be independent, confident, and having better cognitive, behavioral and emotional abilities.

Moms and Dads should also support the children in a good and healthy society. Socializing means that children have the chance to develop the EQ which is needed to face the everyday circumstances. A high IQ must be balanced with high EQ as well. These are the children’s asset in facing the global challenges.

How is it, Moms? As appropriate stimulations is very important for children’s development, Moms and Dads as well as the environment should ensure that they receive enough and quality stimulations, but suitable for their age.

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