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The Importance of Stimulation for Children’s Development

Morinaga Platinum - 18 July 2023

What can we do so the children can grow and develop optimally? Of course with the right stimulation, Moms. Stimulation is done in order to train or trigger the children’s basic skill so they can grow and develop to their full potential. Who can do the stimulation? This activity can be done by everyone who interacts with the children, such as Moms, Dads, the other family member as well as the babysitter.

Children need to receive stimulation regularly and continuously since their early age and in every occasion. If they don’t receive the stimulation needed, then they will be susceptible to have development disorder that can lead to their potential being not optimized as well as any permanent disorder when they grow up.

We should train the children’s basic ability with a directed stimulation that covers all of the following development aspects:

Rough motor skill

This aspect deals with the children’s ability to make movements and postures that involve big muscles, such as sitting and standing.

Fine motor skill

It deals with the ability to do movements that involve certain body parts and being done by the small muscles, thus requiring an accurate coordination, such as grazing, writing, and so on.

Speech and language skills

This aspect deals with the children’s ability to response to voice, to talk, to communicate, and to follow orders.

Socializing and independence skill

This aspect deals with the children’s ability to be independent (self-feeding, tidying up their toys after playing), being away from their Moms or babysitter, socializing, and interacting with their surroundings.

When stimulating the children, Moms should not forget to pay attention to the following basic principles:

  • Do the stimulation with love and affection.
  • The adult’s behavior around them is also stimulation, so make sure that we give them a good example of attitude and behavior in our daily interaction.
  • The stimulation done for the four basic skills should be done according to their age group.
  • Moms could use some safe simple tools or games that are around them.
  • Do not distinguish the stimulation for boys and girls.
  • Appreciate their achievement.

By doing stimulation, children’s multiple intelligences will develop optimally. Moms could identify the multiple intelligences through the website of Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. Moms could also look for a variety of exciting activities, even print a page of creative activities, which can be done with the children on the website. Are you ready to spend a quality time with your children?

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