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The Importance of Parenting for Children’s Development

Morinaga Platinum - 18 July 2023

Children’s development and growth should be well considered and taken care of, because both of these are important indicators to measure their health, which will also affect their life quality in the future. Moms should pay much attention to the children’s development especially during their golden age. Because during this time, children have the ability to 100% absorb the information that they receive from the surroundings. Moreover, the child’s brain also works very well during the golden age.

Well, to optimize the children’s development during their golden age, parents’ roles are certainly important in helping them to grow, especially the Moms. There are some things that Moms could do. First of all, Moms could start by maintaining their nutrients intake. A good nutrients intake can help to maintain the children’s resistance so they may not be susceptible to disease. Moreover, a certain nutrients intake can stimulate their brain development. This means, a proper and well-maintained nutrients intake will be able to optimize the children’s brain function.

Another factor that affects children’s development is the environmental factor. This factor can affect them ever since they are still in the womb until they are born. Indeed, the genetic factor is the initial foundation in achieving the result of an optimum child’s development process. However, the environmental factor also contributes a lot in their process of development ever since they were born.

Moms could provide some positive stimulation for the children and also accompanied by health check-ups, learning motivation, patience, and affection. In addition to that, the interaction quality between children and the parents should also be well maintained, so that your children will not hesitate to express themselves in front of the parents. This can strengthen the psychological and emotional relationship between Moms and the children.

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