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Stimulate the Children with This So They Grow Smart

Morinaga Platinum - 24 January 2019

In order for the children’s development process to be optimal, they need proper nutrition accompanied by stimulation according to their age group. Stimulation is an activity done to stimulate the children’s basic ability so they can grow and develop optimally. Therefore, doing stimulation at every stage of their development is very important.

Based on the latest research, the first three years of the children’s life is the most important period. The interaction between parents and children, according to the research, gives a huge impact in children’s emotional development, learning ability, as well as cognitive function development.

What could Moms do? Interactions can be done by touching, hugging, talking, listening to them when they are talking, as well as reading them a story – all of these are very beneficial for children’s brain development.

In order to develop according to their potential, children have several needs that should be fulfilled during their first three years of life, which are:

  • Children should feel safe.
  • Children need to know that they are special.
  • Children must learn discipline.
  • Children should learn about which things they are free to do and which to limit.
  • Children should be introduced to their surroundings through books, music and educational toys.
  • Children should feel confident about what is expected from their surroundings.

Meanwhile, there are some basic principles that should be noticed in doing the stimulation for children’s development, which are:

  • Stimulation is performed based on love and affection.
  • Always show good attitude and behavior because the children will imitate the behavior of those around them. A positive surrounding can provide them with comfort.
  • Give stimulation by asking them to play, such as singing and dancing. Do it with fun, without force and punishment.
  • Use simple and safe tools or games around them.
  • Give equal chances for boys and girls.
  • Give them reward when they do something that worth to be proud of.

The brain keeps developing even after they passed the first 3 years of their life, so Moms should keep providing stimulation for their development to be more optimal. Remember to stimulate them with something fun.

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