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Shape Your Children’s Intelligence since the Early Age

Morinaga Platinum - 20 July 2023

Children’s intelligence and behavior are not shaped and developed on their own without going through a process. The critical period to shape the children’s character, intelligence, talent, and interest is from their early life until the age of two.


So how Moms and Dads prepare your children to become the Platinum Generation? This preparation is certainly not only for the sake of their intelligence, but also includes physical and mental, as well as intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intelligence. Therefore, it will be easier to shape the children’s intelligence since the early age.


The following are some characteristics of Platinum Generations, they are:

  1. Multi-talented and have the capability in all fields. For example: having various skills such as music, kinesthetic, and logical-mathematical.
  2. Physically healthy and strong and not get sick easily. Hence, to strengthen their immune system, Moms should provide the best nutrition for them.
  3. High in creativity and imagination. So they can develop the potential within them.
  4. Dare to take various challenges, optimistic, confident, and competitive. This also needs to be nurtured in the children early on, so that they will not give up easily and will keep doing their best on everything.
  5. Have a strong desire to reach their dreams. Love and have a good relationship with their family, because family is the closest person who understand them and will support their decisions.
  6. Able to socialize well, have a lot of friends, are not individualistic and willing to share.
  7. Proud to be Indonesian children and love Indonesian culture. One of the ways is by learning Indonesian culture which later can be shown to other countries.
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